Indonesia Blue Finance Landscape

CPI’s latest study captures the landscape of blue finance in Indonesia and further examines the extent of available financing access for MSMEs.

CPI adalah organisasi analisis dan penasehat yang bekerja dengan keahlian mendalam di bidang keuangan dan kebijakan. Misi kami untuk membantu pemerintah, bisnis, dan lembaga keuangan mendorong pertumbuhan ekonomi dan mengatasi perubahan iklim.

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Pension Funds as Climate Investors: the Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act

The IRA has potential to address some of the key barriers that subnational pension funds face in making climate investments.


Are Indonesian Banks Ready to Account Climate-related Matters?

Based on a focus group survey involving Indonesia’s major commercial banks, Climate Policy Initiative has analyzed the country’s financial sector readiness and progress in assessing, reporting, and disclosing climate-related matters against national guidelines and international best practices.


Tracking Investments in Climate Resilient Infrastructure

This study is a first-of-its-kind attempt to evaluate options for tracking climate resilient infrastructure investments.


Maximizing the impact of the IRA: three lessons from outside the U.S.

Three lessons learned from other countries and regions stand out from CPI’s work around the world.


Unpacking COP27, packing for COP15: 4 Opportunities to break silos in food systems, agriculture, and land use

Four opportunities to break silos in agriculture and food systems emerged from COP27 and should be leveraged at COP15 and beyond.


Report Summary: Costs and Impacts of Low-Carbon Technologies for Steel and Cement Sectors in India

This piece discusses key policy recommendations from the steel and cement sectors in India based on our analysis of low-carbon solutions (LCS), which are critical in policy-making and investment decisions.


Finance Landscape of Highways and Railroads: Elements for Strengthening the Governance of Infrastructure Investments in the Brazilian Amazon

CPI/PUC-Rio researchers have created an innovative landscape for public and private financing of road and rail projects in the North Region and in Brazil. This report fills a knowledge gap about the investment scenario of the land transport sector over the last decade.

Data Visualization

Interactive Landscape for Infrastructure Finance

Interactive Landscape about the financing of the land transport sector in the North Region and in Brazil.

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