Cristina Leme Lopes is Senior Research Manager at CPI/PUC-Rio and, since 2015, a lecturer at the LLM Program of Environmental Law of the PUC-Rio. At CPI/PUC-Rio, she works in the Climate Law and Governance Program, developing research in the following areas: land use; Forest Code; biodiversity protection; property rights; and environmental governance. Cristina is also co-leader of the Land Regularization Task Force of Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture.She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Law at the University of Sorbonne. In addition to her law degree from PUC-Rio, she is also a chemical engineer from PUC-Rio, which gives her multidisciplinary perspective in environmental matters. 

Prior to joining CPI/PUC-Rio, Cristina worked as an independent consultant for environmental licensing processes and as a specialist in environmental legislation. 


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