Land Use

Amazon River. Photo: Carolina Marques

As the global population grows, it’s more important than ever to use land and natural resources efficiently. To meet the world’s needs, we must improve agricultural productivity while avoiding expansion into carbon-rich areas like forests.

CPI research identifies and assesses opportunities to improve land use efficiency and increase the productivity of land while simultaneously protecting forests’ vital carbon stocks. Current partnerships include the Ministry of Agriculture in Brazil, the Ministry of Finance in Indonesia, and other decision-makers to support a Production & Protection strategy.

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The Role of Cooperatives in Rural Credit: Cooperative credit grows during the economic crisis and supports the inclusion of small-scale producers

This brief analyze cooperatives’ participation in rural credit, addressing both recent developments and potential challenges


Brazil Needs to Monitor its Tropical Regeneration: Remote Monitoring System is Technologically Feasible, but Needs Public Policy Support

This paper offers recommendations on how to move forward in developing remote systems to monitor secondary vegetation.


Protected Territories, though Critical, are not enough to Slow Amazon Deforestation: Brazil Requires Coordinated and Targeted Conservation Policies


Bridging the Financing Gap in Environmental Programs

Tasked with managing funds related to environmental protection and conservation, Indonesia’s Environmental Fund Management Agency provides a unique financing mechanism to help meet the country’s climate goals.


Indonesia Environment Fund

The regulatory framework of a public service agency provides solid legal basis for a robust and flexible vehicle to fund activities for public interest, including managing money from international donors.


Questions and answers on Provisional Measure 910

Researchers from the CPI/PUC-Rio prepared 10 questions and answers to clarify what is at stake with Provisional Measure 910.


The Impacts of Rural Credit on Agricultural Outcomes and Land Use: An Analysis by Credit Lines, Producer Types and Credit Uses

In this work, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI/PUC-RIO) provides a detailed impact analysis of the Brazilian Rural Credit policy on agricultural production, land use and deforestation.


Onde estamos na implementação do Código Florestal? Radiografia do CAR e do PRA nos estados brasileiros

Esta publicação do Climate Policy Initiative/ Núcleo de Avaliação de Políticas Climáticas da PUC-Rio (CPI/ NAPC PUC-Rio) traça o panorama do Código Florestal nos estados brasileiros, com uma análise detalhada das regulamentações estaduais, identificando ações que estão em curso nos estados, os avanços alcançados, as principais dificuldades, as lacunas existentes e as principais recomendações para política pública.


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