ClimateShot Investor Coalition (CLIC)

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Climate Policy Initiative is the Secretariat for the ClimateShot Investor Coalition (CLIC), an action-oriented group for leaders in the impact investment community working in agriculture and food systems. This member-driven coalition aims to collectively scale-up and accelerate finance for agriculture and food systems globally, with the ultimate goal of shifting them to a low-carbon and climate-resilient pathway by 2030, thus delivering on the ambitions set by the Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda on Agriculture.

To achieve this goal, CLIC is focused on three key outcomes: greater consensus on priorities for climate and nature finance; greater application of science and innovation in impact investment decision-making; and increased finance mobilized for the sector globally.

CLIC holds a diverse membership, consisting of more than 30 members and covering the whole continuum of capital. Current membership includes impact investors, fund managers, research organisations, CSO/NGOs, and technical assistance facilities.

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For more information on CLIC or to express an interest in joining, please contact:
Climate Policy Initiative:
CLIC is funded by the Research and Evidence Directorate of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).


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