Dr. Angela Falconer is Director in CPI’s climate finance division. She leads the London office, where she oversees the work of a team of analysts, while also supporting cross-cutting strategic projects for the organization. She advises government and investment leaders on climate finance, and brings particular expertise on the land use and agriculture sectors.

Angela joined CPI in 2010. She was heavily involved in building CPI’s Indonesia program in its early years, including roles advising the Government of Indonesia on national climate fund design and studies evaluating fiscal policies in the palm oil sector. Similarly, Angela has helped establish GNIplus, a partnership between CPI, Baker McKenzie, and AECOM that is supporting the Government of Kenya in its national climate change strategy.

She also led international public climate finance tracking efforts for the first editions of the Global Landscape of Climate Finance, and subsequently led studies in Indonesia and Côte D’Ivoire to build national landscapes of climate finance, in collaboration with relevant ministries. Recently, she has led a collaboration to establish a Land Use Finance Tool, making the national landscape methodology open source.

Angela has a leading role in the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, and established a Sustainable Agriculture for Smallholders focus within the Lab through a partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development. She has particular interest in innovative finance solutions for sustainable agriculture and forests, and has led CPI’s support to develop the Climate Smart Lending Platform and the Cloud Forest Blue Energy Mechanism Lab instruments.

A frequent speaker at high-profile events, Angela has provided expert climate finance commentary at the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance, at a UK parliament inquiry on multilateral climate finance, the Africa Green Growth Summit, Climate Week, the Africa Impact Investing Forum, FT Climate Finance Summits, and at COP side-events, among many others.

Prior to joining CPI, Angela worked as a climate change and energy policy consultant, primarily for European government agencies. She holds a PhD in the Science and Management of Climate Change from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, where her thesis focused on REDD+ finance, an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford, and an MA in Geography from the University of Glasgow.


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