Natural Resource Conservation

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Ecosystems are a key element for the mitigation of climate change and worth trillions in the services they provide. However, regardless of their importance, their conservation and restoration have been funded almost exclusively by limited public or philanthropic funding.

CPI research assesses the conservation impact of public policy globally. We also work with private and public partners to test and design conservation models that are capable of meeting socio-economic needs while protecting and restoring natural or modified ecosystems.

Latest work


Credit Where It’s Due: Unearthing the Relationship between Rural Credit Subsidies and Deforestation

Researchers from CPI/PUC-Rio analyze the amount of subsidized rural credit associated with deforestation in Brazil, providing unpublished property-level data.


Video: Landscape of Climate Finance for Land Use in Brazil

Watch the video to learn about the climate finance flows for land use in Brazil.


Video: The Amazon Domino Effect

In this video, CPI/PUC-Rio presents the results of the Amazon Domino Effect, that can lead to a tipping point.


Landscape of Climate Finance for Agrifood Systems

This report presents the first comprehensive analysis of climate finance flowing to agrifood systems globally.


The Amazon Domino Effect: How Deforestation Can Trigger Widespread Degradation

Researchers from CPI/PUC-Rio present unprecedented results on the impacts of deforestation in different regions of the forest. They identify that, on average, for every 100 trees deforested, 22 additional trees die in regions distant from the deforestation due to lack of water.


Fighting Deforestation in the Amazon: Strategic Coordination and Priorities for Federal and State Governments

In this study, researchers from CPI/PUC-Rio analyze deforestation and land tenure within the Amazon biome to identify critical areas for public authorities to address in each territory.

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