Natural Resource Conservation

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Ecosystems are a key element for the mitigation of climate change and worth trillions in the services they provide. However, regardless of their importance, their conservation and restoration have been funded almost exclusively by limited public or philanthropic funding.

CPI research assesses the conservation impact of public policy globally. We also work with private and public partners to test and design conservation models that are capable of meeting socio-economic needs while protecting and restoring natural or modified ecosystems.

Latest work


Brazil's Infrastructure Project Life Cycles: From Planning to Viability. Creation of a New Phase May Increase Project Quality

In this brief, researchers from CPI/PUC-Rio and Inter.B collaborated to analyze the instruments available for infrastructure planning – particularly those related to the land transport sector.


Indeks Desa Membangun Plus (IDM+): Enhancing Direct Incentives for Sustainable Land Use in Indonesian Villages

This paper proposes a two-part approach for a potentially sweeping, but relatively practical reform to encourage villages across Indonesia to adopt sustainable practices.


Ferrogrão: Weaknesses and Lessons Learned in Implementing a Sustainable Infrastructure Agenda

CPI/PUC-Rio has assessed Ferrogrão’s governance, planning, and environmental risks as a way to contribute to the ongoing debate on sustainable infrastructure policies and projects in the country. This executive summary presents three studies conducted over the last year, which: (i) analyze the robustness of Ferrogrão’s planning based on a set of structuring questions, which should be prepared in the pre-feasibility stage; (ii) evaluate the administrative rites and the governance of decision-making related to the project; and (iii) develop an innovative methodology to understand Ferrogrão’s area of influence and deforestation risk.


Landscape of Green Finance in India

Climate Policy Initiative’s Landscape of Green Finance in India presents the most comprehensive information on green investment flows in the country in FY 2017-FY 2018.


Brazil Needs to Monitor its Tropical Regeneration: Remote Monitoring System is Technologically Feasible, but Needs Public Policy Support

This paper offers recommendations on how to move forward in developing remote systems to monitor secondary vegetation.


Mapping climate finance to influence policy, plan investments, and measure progress

As climate change impacts grow ever more apparent, it becomes more urgent to stop carbon flowing into the atmosphere and increase resilience to rising threats. Much will depend on how and where finance flows. Countries are enacting plans for adapting to and mitigating climate change, so they need to know what money is available and — crucially — if any flows of finance are working against their climate objectives.


Brazil Knows What to Do to Fight Deforestation in the Amazon: Monitoring and Law Enforcement Work and Must be Strengthened

The present study, conducted by researchers at CPI/PUC-Rio, indicates that this monitoring system works. Results also suggest that forest protection did not interfere with local agricultural production, and that its expected benefits outweighed the associated policy costs.


Why is Protecting the Amazon Important?

This infographic developed by CPI/PUC-Rio research team shows that protecting the Amazon is important for economic growth


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Head of Policy Evaluation, Energy

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Assistant Analyst

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Head of Policy Evaluation, Conservation

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Senior Legal Analyst, Climate Law and Governance

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Senior Analyst

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Analyst, Conservation

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Associate Director, Climate Law and Governance

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Legal Analyst, Climate Law and Governance

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Executive Director, Brazil Policy Center

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Associate Director

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