CPI organizes the San Giorgio Group, a working group of key financial intermediaries and institutions actively engaged in green, low-emissions finance. Established in collaboration with the World Bank Group, China Light & Power, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the San Giorgio Group has convened seven times since 2010.

Focus of the San Giorgio Group

Effective green finance is critical to the success of low-emissions development. However, significant challenges remain, including how to scale up climate actions to meet global needs, how to de-risk investment to attract public and private capital, and how to disburse climate funds effectively. The San Giorgio Group meetings focus on:

  • Effective investment: systematic analysis of case studies and tracking of existing green investments
  • Ensuring learning: distill lessons from the evolving financing practices
  • Scaling up: provide insights on how public resources can be spent wisely to mobilize private finance

Read the summary from the Seventh San Giorgio Group


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