Climate Law and Governance

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Climate Law and Governance is a program from CPI Brazil, focusing on land use, conservation, agriculture, and infrastructure. This program is lead by lawyers, with expertise in environmental law, sustainability, energy, and regulation. The Climate Law and Governance agenda conducts juridical analysis of legal policies and instruments, monitors and evaluates its implementation, and proposes recommendations to promote the environmental agenda in Brazil.

Latest work

Data Visualization

Analysis and Mapping of Infrastructure Projects in the State of Pará: EF-170 Ferrogrão, BR-155/158, BR-163/230/MT/PA, and BR-230

Para apresentar os principais projetos de infraestrutura terrestre federal no estado do Pará, o CPI/PUC-Rio focou (i) na análise do ciclo de vida dos projetos, bem como nos estudos socioambientais, identificando eventuais pontos que podem ser fortalecidos, e (ii) no potencial de desmatamento que cada projeto apresenta.


Sustainable Infrastructure Portfolio

CPI’s Sustainable Infrastructure projects generate evidence on social, economic and environmental impacts of infrastructure projects to help governments successfully address local sustainable development, and also to inform civil society about infrastructure decisions.


Strengthening Environmental Studies for Federal Land Infrastructure Concessions

In this brief, researchers from CPI/PUC-Rio identify and analyze the socio-environmental components covered by the terms of reference for Technical, Economic and Environmental Feasibility Studies and Environmental Assessment Study.


Environmental Viability of Land Transport Infrastructure in the Amazon

An assessment by CPI/PUC-Rio investigated the regulations applicable to federal railroad and highway concessions granted to the private sector.


Recent Changes to Legislation May Increase Deforestation and Impunity in the Brazilian Amazon. Here’s how.

This infographic highlights how recent changes to legislation may increase deforestation and impunity in the Brazilian Amazon.


An Analysis of the New Legal Framework for IBAMA’s Administrative Enforcement Procedures and its Effects on Combating Deforestation in the Amazon

This summary presents an overview of findings from the report, Análise do Novo Procedimento Administrativo Sancionador do Ibama e seus Reflexos no Combate ao Desmatamento na Amazônia, published by Climate Policy Initiative/Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (CPI/PUC-Rio) that analyzes the impacts of changes in Brazil’s legislation and assesses whether they can bring greater effectiveness to Brazil’s federal environmental agency’s (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis – IBAMA) administrative sanctioning procedure.

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