Climate Law and Governance

Photo by: Cristina Lopes

Climate Law and Governance is a program from CPI Brazil, focusing on land use, conservation, agriculture, and infrastructure. This program is lead by lawyers, with expertise in environmental law, sustainability, energy, and regulation. The Climate Law and Governance agenda conducts juridical analysis of legal policies and instruments, monitors and evaluates its implementation, and proposes recommendations to promote the environmental agenda in Brazil.

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Researchers from the CPI/PUC-Rio prepared 10 questions and answers to clarify what is at stake with Provisional Measure 910.


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Pesquisadoras do Climate Policy Initiative/ Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (CPI/ PUC-Rio) fazem análise de relatório legislativo.


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The Need to Better Define and Delimit Area of Influence for Infrastructure Projects


Bridging the Financing Gap in Environmental Programs

Tasked with managing funds related to environmental protection and conservation, Indonesia’s Environmental Fund Management Agency provides a unique financing mechanism to help meet the country’s climate goals.


Why is protecting the Amazon important?


Sustainable Infrastructure in the Amazon: Strengthening Socio-Environmental Planning and Design for New Infrastructure Projects in Brazil


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