Financial Innovation

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Deploying the trillions needed to address global climate adaptation and mitigation requires more than just shifting investments. It requires novel ways to attract and deploy those investments.

CPI researches and develops innovative climate finance policies, financial instruments and business models that create measurable impact and can scale quickly. It has particular expertise in combining blended finance models with early-stage technical assistance to ensure bold ideas move from concept to implementation quickly and with as little risk as possible.  

Latest work


Rethinking the future of rural energy in Indonesia amid COVID-19

With the dawn of COVID-19, there is an immediate need for policymakers to create an investment environment that nudges capital flow towards decentralized renewable energy.


Energizing Finance: Understanding the Landscape 2019

The Energizing Finance series, developed by SE4All in partnership with CPI, is the first and only in-depth attempt to capture multiple years of data on finance for the two key areas of energy access: electrification and clean cooking.


The Lab: 2018-2019 Cycle Instrument Analysis

Lab members voted to endorse all six financial mechanisms and enterprises in the Lab’s 2019 class in a side event to the UN Climate Action Summit, officially launching them for operation, and offering inputs for their implementation pathways.


Implementing Alignment: Recommendations for the International Development Finance Club

This study identifies the changes the Paris Agreement implies for the role of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) – specifically members of the IDFC – and how they may implement these changes through a targeted set of activities.


Alternative Investment Funds as a Potential Pathway for Refinancing Clean Energy Debt in India

Alternative Investment Funds offer the best near and medium-term path to expanding renewable energy access to capital markets.


Developing a Guarantee Instrument to Catalyze Renewable Energy Investments in Indonesia

This CPI study, produced in collaboration with PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) explores the potential of developing a green investment bank model in Indonesia.


Understanding and Increasing Finance for Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries

This report explores the current state of finance for climate adaptation and proposes practical, near term solutions to both fill in knowledge gaps and to increase investment.


Energizing Finance: Understanding the Landscape 2018

The Energizing Finance series focuses on public and private finance commitments in 20 developing countries – known as the high-impact countries – that together account for nearly 80% of those living without access to sustainable energy.