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The Brazil Policy Center combines rigorous economic, institutional, and legal analysis to identify areas for improving public policies and provides concrete recommendations on how to reconcile economic development with environmental conservation. CPI works closely with government agencies and civil society to chart paths for improvement. CPI’s Brazil Policy Center focuses on strategic areas, including Climate Law and Governance, Conservation, Energy, Financial Instruments, Infrastructure, and Sustainable Agriculture, and is based at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). CPI’s Brazil office is led by Juliano J. Assunção, professor in the Department of Economics at PUC-Rio.

Latest work


Finance Landscape of Highways and Railroads: Elements for Strengthening the Governance of Infrastructure Investments in the Brazilian Amazon

CPI/PUC-Rio researchers have created an innovative landscape for public and private financing of road and rail projects in the North Region and in Brazil. This report fills a knowledge gap about the investment scenario of the land transport sector over the last decade.

Data Visualization

Interactive Landscape for Infrastructure Finance

Interactive Landscape about the financing of the land transport sector in the North Region and in Brazil.


The Challenges in the Adoption of Sustainable Practices by Small Ranchers. The Case of ABC Cerrado

In this study, researchers from CPI/PUC-Rio evaluate the impact of training and technical assistance delivered by the ABC Cerrado Project and provide resource-channeling options aimed at achieving greater adoption of sustainable practices in rural areas.


Bioeconomy in the Amazon: Conceptual, Regulatory and Institutional Analysis

Researchers from the Climate Policy Initiative/Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (CPI/PUC-Rio), in partnership with AMZ2030, have studied the concept of bioeconomy, mapped national and international policies and strategies on the topic, and analyzed the main regulatory frameworks and governance institutions associated with this activity in Brazil.


Revealing Incentives: Implications of the Design of Public Rural Insurance Policies in Brazil

In this report, researchers from CPI/PUC-Rio analyze the inner workings of both PROAGRO and the PSR and unveil how the design of each program generates different incentives for producers, insurance claims adjusters, and financial agents, with an impact on the effectiveness of public spending.


Mining Royalties and Socioeconomic Development in Pará

In this insight brief, researchers from Climate Policy Initiative/Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (CPI/PUC-Rio) present evidence of the relationship between mining royalties and development in the state of Pará, Brazil.


Roadmap for Sustainable Infrastructure in the Amazon

In this study, CPI/PUC-Rio researchers have mapped the main phases of the life cycle of land transportation infrastructure projects, addressed the decision-making process, and developed methods to map projects’ economic and environmental impacts.


Rivers of Diesel in the Amazon: Why Does the Region with Brazil’s Biggest Hydroelectric Plants Still Rely on Expensive, Dirty Fuel?

CPI/PUC-Rio researchers point out the contrast of electricity supply and identify “two Brazils”: the interconnected Brazil that runs on renewable energy and the isolated Brazil powered by fossil fuels.

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Amanda Schutze

Head of Policy Evaluation, Energy

Ana Pinheiro

Operations Associate

Andreia Medeiros

Administrative Assistant

Anna Maria Bezerra de Mello Cárcamo

Legal Analist, Climate Law and Governance

Camila Calado Lima

Communications Associate

Clarissa Gandour

Head of Policy Evaluation, Conservation

Cristina Leme Lopes

Research Manager, Climate Law and Governance

Eduardo Minsky


Gabriel Cozendey

Senior Analyst, Climate Law and Governance

Gabriela Coser

Analyst, Climate Finance

Giovanna de Miranda

Senior Program Associate

Ícaro Moreno de Souza Melo

Analyst, Climate Finance

Joana Chiavari

Associate Director, Climate Law and Governance

João Mourão

Analyst, Conservation

Julia Berry

Junior Design Associate

Juliano J. Assunção

Executive Director, Brazil Policy Center

Lourdes de Alcantra Machado

Senior Legal Analyst, Climate Law and Governance

Luiza Antonaccio

Senior Analyst, Climate Law and Governance

Mariana Correia

Financial Associate

Mariana Stussi

Analyst, Financial Instruments

Meyrele Nascimento

Design Associate

Natalie Hoover

Program Director

Nina Oswald Vieira

Design Associate

Priscila Z. Souza

Head of Policy Evaluation, Financial Instruments

Rafael Araujo

Senior Analyst, Infrastructure

Rhayana Holz

Analyst, Energy

Wagner Faria de Oliveira

Senior Analyst, Financial Instruments

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