Sustainable Agriculture

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Global population growth and improved economic conditions create increasing demand for food and agricultural raw materials. At the same time, agricultural activities are one of the most significant sources of carbon emissions and water use, and climate change is set to have severe impacts on food production and nutrition across the globe.

CPI research identifies pathways to implement more productive and climate-resilient agricultural practices that incorporate low emission standards and sustainable agriculture techniques. The research, analysis, and business models we develop support the scaling of sustainable agriculture practices worldwide.

We promote partnerships with public and private entities to develop financial mechanisms to fund the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices as well as work directly with policymakers in the design of more effective policies to spur sustainable growth in the agricultural sector.

Latest work


CLIC and CGIAR (ImpactSF): A Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Sustainable Agrifood SMEs in Africa

Recently, CLIC and ImpactSF assessed eight African agribusinesses for their climate risks and impacts, in preparation for a showcase at a dedicated climate and nature Agribusiness Dealroom session, organised in collaboration with AGRA, at the 2023 African Food Systems Forum (AGRF) in Tanzania. 


The Climate Finance Gap for Small-Scale Agrifood Systems

This report complements our recent Landscape of Climate Finance for Agrifood Systems publication by examining the climate finance going specifically to small-scale agrifood systems.


Family Farming in Brazil: Inequalities in Credit Access

Researchers from the CPI/PUC-Rio reveal that the access to credit for family farmers in Brazil is both limited and unequal.


Video: Landscape of Climate Finance for Land Use in Brazil

Watch the video to learn about the climate finance flows for land use in Brazil.


Low-Carbon Agriculture Transition Mechanism

The Low-Carbon Agriculture Transition Mechanism offers small- and medium-sized Brazilian farmers long-term loans while guaranteeing a minimum income and technical assistance, accelerating climate transition in agriculture.


Carbon and the Fate of the Amazon

The carbon market is an efficient strategy in combating the climate crisis in Brazil, with global impacts to change the vocation of the forest, avoiding the tipping point.

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