In Brazil, CPI has a partnership with the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) via the Brazil Policy Center, led by Juliano J. Assunção, professor in the Department of Economics at PUC-Rio. Our work in Brazil combines rigorous economic, institutional and legal analysis to identify areas for improving public policies and provides concrete recommendations on how to reconcile economic development with environmental conservation. CPI supports public policies in Brazil through rigorous analysis and evidence-based research, strategic partnerships with members of the government and civil society through a constructive approach, and direct collaboration with policymakers.

CPI has a long history with regards to conservation policy and land use, having conducted significant research and evaluation of policies related to deforestation and land conservation in the Amazon, becoming an academic reference in the field. CPI combines its institutional knowledge and conservation policy lens with rigorous economic and legal analysis.

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Deforestation Portfolio

Discover the publications in CPI/PUC-Rio deforestation portfolio.


Agriculture Portfolio

Discover the publications in CPI/PUC-Rio agriculture portfolio.


Carbon and the Fate of the Amazon

The carbon market is an efficient strategy in combating the climate crisis in Brazil, with global impacts to change the vocation of the forest, avoiding the tipping point.


Landscape of Climate Finance for Land Use in Brazil

CPI/PUC-Rio conducted an unprecedented tracking exercise to quantify the climate-aligned financial flows directed to land use in Brazil.

Data Visualization

Landscape of Climate Finance for Land Use in Brazil - Interactive Sankey

CPI/PUC-Rio conducted an unprecedented tracking exercise to quantify the climate-aligned financial flows directed to land use in Brazil.


Preserving the Amazon: Strategies to Reduce Deforestation in Rural Settlements

This publication analyzes deforestation in settlements in the Amazon between 2012 and 2022, suggesting priority areas for government action to combat deforestation in the reigon.


Brazilian Agricultural Mitigation and Adaptation Policies: Towards Just Transition

This study presents a policy map for climate mitigation and adaptation in Brazilian agriculture, identifying the government agencies responsible for implementation and the presence of elements of social and economic justice within each policy.


What is the Climate Risk for Rural Producers in the Caatinga? Challenges for a Rural Just Transition

The study evaluates agricultural vulnerability to drought events in the Caatinga, analyzing the climatic risk to which rural producers in the region are exposed.

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