Paris Misaligned?

Globally, 29% of new power investment in 2018, or approximately USD 129 billion, was invested in fossil fuel power putting the world on a temperature trajectory of over 3.2°C – more than double the level targeted in the Paris Agreement.

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Latest work


Debt-for-climate swaps — are they really a good idea, and what are the challenges?

Debt-for-climate swaps have become a movement within development finance over the past few months. But: Are they really a good idea, and if so what hurdles must be overcome to get to the opportunities beyond?


The Impact of Rural Credit on Agriculture and Land Use: An Analysis of Brazilian Biomes

Understanding the impact of rural credit is essential for formulating better agricultural policies in Brazil. In this Insight, researchers from the CPI / PUC-Rio detail the effects of credit in each Brazilian biome.


The Biden Administration’s potential impact on climate finance

The incoming Biden Administration has powerful tools to accelerate climate investment.


Electricity market reform – Tamil Nadu case study

This case study addresses key elements of electricity market reforms and technology development that are central to the ability of Tamil Nadu, and India as a whole, to meet its decarbonisation goals.


Electricity market reform - Karnataka case study

Karnataka is well placed to meet its energy needs over the next decade thanks to the rapid deployment of renewables. But capacity additions of solar and wind are not enough on their own to help the state meet its targets.


Updated View on the Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2019

This update to the Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2019 report offers a preliminary estimate for finance in 2019, drawing on data published in 2020.


Urban Climate Finance in the Wake of COVID-19

From the USD 20.5 trillion pledged to COVID-19 recovery globally, only USD 1.1 trillion dollars have been committed to cities.


Paris Misaligned: A Look at the U.S. Transport Sector

In 2017, global EV sales reached one million for the first time. The year after, sales had almost doubled. But what kind of impact are these vehicles having, and how far are we from road transport systems that are compatible with a world of less than 2°C warming?


Where Are We at Implementing the Forest Code? An X-Ray of the CAR and the PRA in Brazilian States – 2020 Edition

The report provides a detailed analysis of state regulations and identifies actions underway in the states. It highlights progress made to date and the strategies enacted by states that are farther
ahead, as well as key gaps and challenges, and opportunities to accelerate the implementation of the law.


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