Global Landscape of Climate Finance: A Decade of Data

Public and private climate finance almost doubled between 2011 and 2020. However, reaching climate objectives will require climate investment to increase at least seven times by the end of this decade.

CPI is an analysis and advisory organization with deep expertise in finance and policy. Our mission is to help governments, businesses, and financial institutions drive economic growth while addressing climate change.

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The Challenges in the Adoption of Sustainable Practices by Small Ranchers. The Case of ABC Cerrado

In this study, researchers from CPI/PUC-Rio evaluate the impact of training and technical assistance delivered by the ABC Cerrado Project and provide resource-channeling options aimed at achieving greater adoption of sustainable practices in rural areas.


How to Finance a Credible Coal Transition


IDFC Green Finance Mapping 2022

This report assesses financial commitments made by the International Development Finance Club (IDFC) members in 2021.


Gender-smart climate finance: Three things you need to know ahead of COP27

Women are disproportionately impacted by climate change and face greater exposure to disasters, economic losses, and health repercussions than men. Women also act as benefit multipliers, with the ability to improve the effectiveness of climate finance when it’s gender-smart but what does this mean?


Landscape of Climate Finance in Ethiopia

This report provides a deep dive analysis of the landscape of climate finance in Ethiopia in 2019/2020.


Climate Risks and Opportunities

More than 75% of Indian districts are hotspots for extreme climate events. The white paper discusses the current state in Indian Financial sector and emerging directions.


Blog: De-risking Climate Finance with Magic Wands

This blog highlights the use of guarantees and insurance as useful mechanisms to de-risk finance and demonstrates how similar approaches can be used to leverage public finance. It is a follow up of another blog -Ways to de-risk Climate Finance.


Landscape of Climate Finance in Burkina Faso

In 2019/2020, USD 567 million of public and private capital was invested in climate-related activities in Burkina Faso, which is only 13% of its total needs.


Public Financial Institutions' Climate Commitments

Public financial institutions are falling behind on climate commitments.

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