Financing Adaptation in India

India faces heightened vulnerability to climate change repercussions, given its diverse geography and socio-economic conditions. This report assesses India’s adaptation approach, scrutinizes the policy landscape, evaluates state-level investment needs, and explores avenues to bridge funding gaps through public and private finance.

CPI is an analysis and advisory organization with deep expertise in finance and policy. Our mission is to support governments, businesses, and financial institutions in driving economic growth while addressing climate change.

Latest work


Landscape of Guarantees for Climate Finance in EMDEs

Cross-border guarantees are an important but underused tool for leveraging private capital in climate finance, particularly for emerging markets and developing economies. CPI conducted a comprehensive scoping analysis to gain a baseline understanding of the global landscape of guarantees. These instruments were analyzed based on financial instrument coverage, sector and climate focus, geographic reach, and types of risk coverage.


Harnessing the transformative potential of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

This report recommends actions to boost the impact and long-term sustainability of the USD 27 billion U.S. Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. Building on CPI’s assessment of the needs, barriers, and opportunities for the fund, it explores how to take advantage of the transformational opportunity to accelerate progress on climate justice in the United States.


U.S. Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund investment needs data map

This data map displays estimated investment needs in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund priority project categories and in each U.S. census tract, in order for the country to reach net zero GHG emissions by 2050.


California Landscape of Climate Finance

To support California in meeting its climate goals and using its budget most effectively, CPI created this first-of-its-kind landscape of climate finance in California.


Net Zero Carbon Buildings in Cities: Interdependencies between Policy and Finance

This report offers initial findings on the general challenges and mechanisms behind the transition towards a net zero carbon buildings sector, helping shed light on concrete pathways cities can implement to decarbonize the building sector.


The Cost of Inaction

This blog analyzes the cost of climate inaction based on findings from the Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2023.


COP28 Recap: CCFLA’s Impactful Engagement in Advancing Urban Climate Finance

As COP28 closes with a groundbreaking commitment to transition away from fossil fuels making headlines across the media landscape, the CCFLA team has taken time to reflect on the progress made during this year’s conference in driving our mission forward—to accelerate urban climate finance.  


Climate Finance in Ghana

This brief examines the lifecycle of climate finance in Ghana.


Where Does Brazil Stand with the Implementation of the Forest Code? A Snapshot of CAR and PRA in Brazilian States - 2023 Edition

This publication is part of a project to permanently monitor the implementation of the Forest Code in Brazilian states, with contributions from environmental and agricultural bodies at the state level. 

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