Financing the Future: CPI’s Net Zero and Sustainable Finance Integrity Platform

As the financial sector starts to mainstream climate action into its strategy and operations, we need to address four fundamental questions to ensure a credible path to net zero by 2050:

  1. Where are we? What is the current state of climate finance by geography and sector.
  1. Where are we currently headed? What is our current climate finance pathway based on announced commitments by public and private entities.
  1. Where do we need to be? What is the gap between current commitments and commitments that would actually produce net zero by 2050.
  1. How do we get there? What policies and implementation tools would help shift financial systems towards credible alignment and maximize investment opportunities.

At CPI, our work helps governments, businesses, and financial institutions answer each of these four questions by:

Understanding and defining the integrity of commitments—and their real economy impacts—through the development of assessment frameworks and methods.

Our work in this area includes:

Measuring progress in financial systems via tracking analysis and tools.

Our work in this area includes:

Designing and supporting implementation through decision-making frameworks and actor-specific guidance.

Our work in this area includes:

    Convening networks of practitioners to share data and knowledge, provide local context, guide development, and champion action within their spheres of influence.

    Our work in this area includes:

    All supported by CPI’s rigorous methodology approach and sophisticated data science tools.


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