Private Finance

The private financial sector is a crucial component of achieving our global climate and sustainability goals, from the power of directing its own assets and investments, to its leverage in evaluating “counterparties,” in other words the clients and assets in its portfolios.

CPI collaborates directly with the private financial sector—asset managers, asset owners, banks, corporates, and insurers—to establish frameworks, increase transparency, and develop new financial models and instruments that accelerate the transition of global finance flows towards net zero emissions and climate-resilient development. The effectiveness of our private financial sector work is enhanced by CPI’s ability to bring key actors outside the private sector to the table, ensuring coordinated, mutually-agreeable approaches that accelerate adoption and implementation.

Latest work


Climate Finance Innovation for Africa

Meeting Africa’s climate finance needs will require significantly higher levels of investment, especially from the private sector. This publication provides a framework for how financial and non-financial solutions can be efficiently deployed to overcome barriers to finance and capitalize climate solutions in Africa.


Landscape of Green Finance in India 2022

This report is an update to India’s first-ever effort to track green investment flows that measures both, public and private sources of capital for FY 2019-20


Indonesia Green Taxonomy 1.0: Yellow Does Not Mean Go

The recently launched Indonesia Green Taxonomy 1.0 has color-coded economic activities based on their contribution to climate change mitigation: green, yellow, and red. For this taxonomy to effectively drive Indonesia economy towards a low-carbon future, our analysis recommends several key measures to ensure its interoperability with other relevant global taxonomies as well as clearer thresholds and transition pathway for the yellow category.


The Landscape of Methane Abatement Finance

This first-of-its-kind report on methane mitigation finance aims to assess global investment in methane abatement activities and create a baseline against which investment needs and progress can be measured.


Climate Finance Needs of African Countries

An assesment of the climate finance needs of African countries to implement their NDCs.


Blog: Ways to de-risk Climate Finance

This blog highlights the need to lay out a comprehensive plan for de-risking climate finance with a domain-centric approach to ensure that finance flows towards solving the global climate problem.

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