Matthew is a Senior Analyst in CPI’s San Francisco office. At CPI he focuses on tracking climate finance flows and commitments, and mobilizing finance for climate projects through innovative financial instruments. He was the project lead for the Private Financial Institutions’ Commitments to Paris Alignment, an effort to track financial actor commitments to addressing climate change for the COP26 team and has been a co-author on the Global Landscape of Climate Finance, primarily tracking public finance flows and managing back-end data processes.

Matthew also co-led analysis for two Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance instruments: Data-Driven Energy Access for Africa, an innovative fund to dramatically scale the off-grid solar industry in sub-Saharan Africa using detailed risk analytics, and Monetizing Water Savings, an instrument bringing together a broad range of stakeholders to increase sustainable farming and water management in central Mexico. He has also contributed to CPI’s adaptation finance research as an author of the Adaptation Finance in the Context of Covid-19 report commissioned by the Global Center on Adaptation.

Prior to joining CPI, Matthew was an analyst at Cornerstone Research, an economics consulting firm where he supported expert witnesses in corporate litigation cases across a variety of industries and practice areas, with a primary focus on antitrust. Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree with General Honors in Economics and Public Policy from the University of Chicago.


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