Sustainable Agriculture

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Global population growth and improved economic conditions create increasing demand for food and agricultural raw materials. At the same time, agricultural activities are one of the most significant sources of carbon emissions and water use, and climate change is set to have severe impacts on food production and nutrition across the globe.

CPI research identifies pathways to implement more productive and climate-resilient agricultural practices that incorporate low emission standards and sustainable agriculture techniques. The research, analysis, and business models we develop support the scaling of sustainable agriculture practices worldwide.

We promote partnerships with public and private entities to develop financial mechanisms to fund the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices as well as work directly with policymakers in the design of more effective policies to spur sustainable growth in the agricultural sector.

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Landscape of Climate Finance in Africa

The most comprehensive overview of climate investment flows in Africa.


Accessibility in the Legal Amazon: Measuring Market Access

This report presents groundbreaking estimates of the accessibility of the municipalities in the Legal Amazon. CPI/PUC-Rio researchers break down the accessibility metrics into different components to show that the poor quality of the transportation network is the key factor in the greater isolation of the municipalities.


Accessibility in the Legal Amazon: Delimiting the Area of Influence and Environmental Risks

In this study, CPI/PUC-Rio researchers discuss how improvements in delimiting the area of influence for logistics infrastructure projects can help mitigate the socio-environmental risks of these projects.


Climate Finance in Indonesia: Top 10 highlights from 2021

A cautious sense of optimism has buoyed us throughout 2021 and landed us into 2022. Here is a reflection of the progress we have made towards Climate Finance in Indonesia in 2021, and a preview of what is in stock for 2022.


Leveraging Policy Tools to Improve Impact of Financial Instruments in Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU)

This brief seeks to inform the development of new sustainable AFOLU financial instruments, as well as replication of existing ones in new geographies.


Cooling as a Service (CAAS) with Virtual Cold Chain Assistant (VCCA)

To better address food waste at the farm level, farmers—especially smallholder farmers—need access to efficient and clean cold storage solutions at affordable pricing. CaaS with VCCA helps smallholder farmers make decisions on lifecycle benefits, rather than upfront costs.

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