Adaptation and Resilience

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There is an urgent need to spur greater investment into climate adaptation and resilience. However, current investments in adaptation constitute only a fraction of what is needed to avoid costly and catastrophic future impacts.

To help investors and policymakers better understand needs and opportunities, and close the adaptation investment gap, CPI tracks the current state of global finance for climate adaptation, guides recommendations on how best to fill data gaps in adaptation tracking, and conducts analysis and proposes solutions aimed to mobilize private finance for adaptation and resilience.

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Financing Adaptation in India

India faces heightened vulnerability to climate change repercussions, given its diverse geography and socio-economic conditions. This report assesses India’s adaptation approach, scrutinizes the policy landscape, evaluates state-level investment needs, and explores avenues to bridge funding gaps through public and private finance.


The South African Climate Finance Landscape 2023

The report aims to provide consistent information on current climate investments in South Africa to highlight existing gaps, spotlight opportunities, and provide a foundation to mobilize and scale climate finance.


The Climate Finance Gap for Small-Scale Agrifood Systems

This report complements our recent Landscape of Climate Finance for Agrifood Systems publication by examining the climate finance going specifically to small-scale agrifood systems.


Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2023

The most comprehensive overview of global climate-related primary investment


Climate Resilient Landscape Finance

Climate Resilient Landscape Finance is an innovative concessional debt facility combining microfinance, private debt, and technical assistance to address the underlying challenges to long-term sustainable, climate-resilient land management in and around African conservancies.


Catalyst Climate Resilience Fund

The Catalyst Climate Resilience Fund is the leading impact fund and accelerator supporting pre-seed tech startups that are building a climate resilient future in Africa.

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