The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance

CPI is Secretariat for the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (the Alliance), the main multi-level and multi-stakeholder coalition aimed at closing the investment gap for urban subnational climate projects and infrastructure worldwide.

The Alliance provides a platform to convene and exchange knowledge among all relevant actors dedicated to urban development, climate action, and financing.

The more than 55 Alliance members include public and private finance institutions, governments, international organizations, NGOs, research groups, and networks that represent most of the world’s largest cities.

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Pension Funds as Climate Investors: the Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act

The IRA has potential to address some of the key barriers that subnational pension funds face in making climate investments.


Policy Brief: How to Increase Financing for Urban Climate Adaptation and Resilience

This policy brief presents key actions for national policymakers around the world to increase the amount of available finance for cities to respond to climate risks.


Increasing Subnational Pension Funds’ Climate Investments

This report explores the ways in which pension funds represents a key source of capital for urban climate action.


Financing Net Zero Carbon Buildings

This paper is the output of an exercise that aims to build the foundation for future work by the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (the Alliance) through a structured approach to analyze the challenges and priorities relevant to cities in decarbonizing the buildings sector.


Financial Aggregation for Cities

Investment in urban climate projects is urgently needed worldwide. Cities hold most of the global population and economic activity and contribute approximately three-quarters of the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, underlining the urgent need for projects to reduce emissions in urban areas and increase climate resilience


Alliance Highlights and Impact Report 2019-2021

This report marks the two-year anniversary of the renewed launch of the Alliance. It provides an overview of core activities over the last two years, key areas that members are engaging in, and identifies trends and gaps in climate finance for cities.


A Snapshot of Urban Green Finance in Two Indian Cities

This study examines the landscape of urban green finance in two Indian cities, Hyderabad and Kolkata


Assessing Jakarta’s Climate Investments

This case study is a first-of-its-kind attempt to track public and private urban climate investment flows in Jakarta.

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