The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance

CPI is Secretariat for the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (the Alliance), the main multi-level and multi-stakeholder coalition aimed at closing the investment gap for urban subnational climate projects and infrastructure worldwide.

The Alliance provides a platform to convene and exchange knowledge among all relevant actors dedicated to urban development, climate action, and financing.

The more than 55 Alliance members include public and private finance institutions, governments, international organizations, NGOs, research groups, and networks that represent most of the world’s largest cities.

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Enhancing the Role of National Development Banks in Supporting Climate-Smart Urban Infrastructure

This paper focuses on enhancing the role that National Development Banks play in supporting the acceleration of climate-smart urban infrastructure investment.


How National Development Banks can drive climate-smart solutions in cities during COVID-19 and beyond

In this blog, CPI’s Priscilla Negreiros highlights that National Development Banks have the potential to unlock needed climate investment into cities.


An Analysis of Urban Climate Adaptation Finance

This week the Alliance and the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center released a brief, An Analysis of Urban Climate Adaptation Finance Tracking.


Alliance Highlights and Impact Report 2019-2021

This report marks the two-year anniversary of the renewed launch of the Alliance. It provides an overview of core activities over the last two years, key areas that members are engaging in, and identifies trends and gaps in climate finance for cities.


Tracking Incremental Energy Efficiency Investments in Certified Green Buildings

This brief aims to address the energy efficiency data gap by proposing a methodology for estimating climate finance in energy efficiency in newly constructed green buildings and by adding a more granular view on the alignment of projects—and investments—with low-emission scenarios.


Finance for climate action is not on a par with the warming world

In the wake of COP26, a renewed sense of urgency has gathered around climate finance and the complex and sometimes competing challenges this raises. CPI has released the in-depth version of its 2021 Global Landscape of Climate Finance report, which seeks to calibrate this discussion by providing the most comprehensive overview of global climate-related primary investment in 2019/2020.


Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2021

The 2021 Global Landscape of Climate Finance shows that global climate finance reached USD 632 billion in 2019/2020. Building on the preview findings released in the run-up to COP, this version dives deeper into the financial flows along their life cycles, from sources and intermediaries, through to how finance is ultimately used on the ground.


Credit for Investments in Brazilian Agriculture and the Role of the Brazilian Development Bank

The study presents an analysis of BNDES performance and evolution in terms of rural credit, as well as the characteristics of credit granted by the bank for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment.

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