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Development finance plays a significant role in financing countries’ green economic growth. CPI works with development finance institutions to assess the effectiveness of their policies, instruments, investments, and portfolios, while identifying risks and opportunities. This includes work with the International Development Finance Club (IDFC), a group of 26 national and regional development banks from all over the world, to map their green finance commitments and provide recommendations for how they can align their operations and strategies with the Paris Agreement.

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Enhancing MDB-NDB cooperation: Understanding climate finance flows and Paris alignment 

This report aims to establish an understanding of the state of both climate finance flows and climate mainstreaming across public development banks. It also presents recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness and frequency of MDB–NDB engagement on climate finance, as well as ecosystem-wide progress on climate mainstreaming.


The South African Climate Finance Landscape 2023

The report aims to provide consistent information on current climate investments in South Africa to highlight existing gaps, spotlight opportunities, and provide a foundation to mobilize and scale climate finance.


Just Energy Transition: Economic Implications for Jharkhand

As part of CPI’s Facilitating Finance for a Just Transition initiative, this report examines the annual financial implications of energy transition for stakeholders in the state of Jharkhand, India. The report builds on previous work findings that Jharkhand is among the mineral rich states likely to face the most adverse short-term impacts of an energy transition.


Proposal for a Global Credit Guarantee Facility

A discussion paper that outlines three approaches for a potential Global Credit Guarantee Fund (GCGF) that could significantly lower the cost of capital for renewable energy investment in emerging economies.


The State of Global Air Quality Funding 2023

The only global analysis of funding from international development donors to tackle air pollution.


Blended Finance for Climate Investment in India - Equity & Debt

In this blog, we describe how a select set of equity and debt blended finance instruments could be structured to make catalytic investments in India’s climate change sectors, attracting commercial capital towards projects that contribute to sustainable development, while providing financial returns to investors.


Cost of Capital for Renewable Energy Investments in Developing Economies

A credit guarantee facility could help address cost-of-capital issues for renewable energy, allowing countries with high solar potential to significantly increase their installed capacity.


An Innovative IFI Operating Model for the 21st Century

A collection of resources to help guide international financial institutions’ ability to mobilize significantly larger volumes of climate finance

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