Energy Transitions

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Cost of Capital for Renewable Energy Investments in Developing Economies

A credit guarantee facility could help address cost-of-capital issues for renewable energy, allowing countries with high solar potential to significantly increase their installed capacity.


Futureproofing Indian Public Sector Enterprises (Part 2)

As cost-competitive clean energy sources grow and India commits to global decarbonization, Indian PSEs’ carbon-intensive businesses are likely to face challenges, potentially resulting in losses for the Indian state.


Technical Brief: Vulnerability Assessment of Mineral-Rich States to Energy Transition

Securing a just transition is critical to minimize the impacts on all stakeholders associated with the domestic production and consumption of these solid fossil fuel resources. This brief helps rank states based on their vulnerability to an energy transition.


Emissions Accounting in Managed Coal Phaseout Finance

Financing early coal retirement creates a potential dilemma for financial institutions: adding emissions-intensive assets to the financing institution’s portfolio during a time when financial institutions are increasing efforts to reduce the emissions covered in their portfolios. This brief outlines several approaches to deal with this possible friction.


Climate Finance in Indonesia: A landmark 2022 lays solid foundation for action in 2023

As Indonesia took up the mantle of G20 presidency, 2022 was a particularly momentous year filled with opportunities to examine the country’s climate finance landscape, improve the underpinning regulatory framework, and foster greater global cooperation on ensuring just energy transitions. Here is a reflection of progresses we have achieved in both sustainable finance and energy transition areas last year and a preview of what is underway for 2023.


Global Landscape of Renewable Energy Finance 2023

This third edition of the biannual joint report by IRENA and CPI analyses investment trends by technology, sector, region, source of finance and financial instrument in the period 2013-2020.

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