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How to Finance a Credible Coal Transition


Indonesia Green Taxonomy 1.0: Yellow Does Not Mean Go

The recently launched Indonesia Green Taxonomy 1.0 has color-coded economic activities based on their contribution to climate change mitigation: green, yellow, and red. For this taxonomy to effectively drive Indonesia economy towards a low-carbon future, our analysis recommends several key measures to ensure its interoperability with other relevant global taxonomies as well as clearer thresholds and transition pathway for the yellow category.


The Landscape of Methane Abatement Finance

This first-of-its-kind report on methane mitigation finance aims to assess global investment in methane abatement activities and create a baseline against which investment needs and progress can be measured.


What Makes a Transition Plan Credible? Considerations for Financial Institutions

The brief highlights six necessary elements that every climate transition plan should address for a credible transition plan.


Climate Finance in Indonesia: Top 10 highlights from 2021

A cautious sense of optimism has buoyed us throughout 2021 and landed us into 2022. Here is a reflection of the progress we have made towards Climate Finance in Indonesia in 2021, and a preview of what is in stock for 2022.


Tracking Incremental Energy Efficiency Investments in Certified Green Buildings

This brief aims to address the energy efficiency data gap by proposing a methodology for estimating climate finance in energy efficiency in newly constructed green buildings and by adding a more granular view on the alignment of projects—and investments—with low-emission scenarios.

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