Decarbonization and Net Zero Goals

An important part of CPI’s work is developing analysis and tools to ensure public and private efforts on Paris Agreement targets are feasible, of integrity, and scalable. CPI’s work in this area includes the Framework for Sustainable Finance Integrity and the Net Zero Finance Tracker.

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An Innovative IFI Operating Model for the 21st Century

This paper lays out key products and processes that need to be introduced, reformed, and/or scaled to effectively deploy new volumes of climate finance, focusing on multilateral development banks.


Climate Finance in Indonesia: A landmark 2022 lays solid foundation for action in 2023

As Indonesia took up the mantle of G20 presidency, 2022 was a particularly momentous year filled with opportunities to examine the country’s climate finance landscape, improve the underpinning regulatory framework, and foster greater global cooperation on ensuring just energy transitions. Here is a reflection of progresses we have achieved in both sustainable finance and energy transition areas last year and a preview of what is underway for 2023.


The importance of the 1.5C commitment


Are Indonesian Banks Ready to Account Climate-related Matters?

Based on a focus group survey involving Indonesia’s major commercial banks, Climate Policy Initiative has analyzed the country’s financial sector readiness and progress in assessing, reporting, and disclosing climate-related matters against national guidelines and international best practices.


How to Finance a Credible Coal Transition


Public Financial Institutions' Climate Commitments

Public financial institutions are falling behind on climate commitments.

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