April 24th, 2-3pm ET

Climate change is predicted to result in economic losses ranging from US$2.5T and US$4.2T over the next 85 years. Financial institutions making long-term investments, particularly insurance companies, institutional investors, pension funds, and international banks are especially vulnerable. In addition to the physical risks posed by climate change-associated extreme weather events, investors face policy, legal, technology, transition, reputational, and market-related risks. Because of their complexity, climate-change associated financial risks are difficult to map, measure, and quantify. Financial institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to mitigate these risks.

During the webinar hosted by Boundless Impact Investing, speakers will discuss new metrics, mapping methods, and other quantitative methods of predicting climate risks in the financial services industry. Expert speakers are Barbara Buchner of the Climate Policy Initiative, Samantha Medlock of Willis Towers Watson, and Stan Bronson of the Global Center for Climate Resilience.

Please join us at this engaging discussion to understand how your investments and investment strategies will change, evolve and adapt to climate risk.

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