As China expands its global economic reach, its focus and impact on climate issues is increasing, domestically and abroad.

To help policy makers, investors and industry analysts make informed decisions, CPI produces a range of research and analysis on the state of climate finance related to China, from domestic green fiscal policy to international capital fundraising and investment.

Latest work


Scaling Climate Finance in China

Recent developments indicate that China is taking serious steps to meet its climate ambition, with finance playing a center role.


The Potential for Scaling Climate Finance in China / 中国扩大气候金融规模的潜力

This report provides an overview of the potential for climate finance, green finance and innovative finance to accelerate China’s decarbonization and support its transition to a green economy.


Green Banking in China – Emerging Trends

This report provides an overview of the development of green banking practices in China, identifying major policies and practices, performance to date, as well as barriers to further


China Green Bonds: the state and effectiveness of the market

To better understand China’s green bond market, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and the International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF) conducted extensive primary data research to track bond issuances, their use of proceeds and their environmental and climate impacts.


Economic impacts of green finance: is it possible to measure the productivity of green bonds in China?


Green finance in China: achieving sustainability through finance

This paper explores how green finance in China can go beyond financing assets that are consistent with sustainability goals to fulfill the investment needs required to transform sectors or China’s economy to a more sustainable model.


Green Bonds in China: the State and Effectiveness of the Market / 中国绿色债券市场:趋势与分析

The Chinese green bond market expanded rapidly from 2016-2019, with more than USD 120 billion of cumulative issuance. 


Slowing the Growth of Coal Power in China: the Role of Finance in State-Owned Enterprises

CPI examines the financing of Chinese coal power plants, beginning with an overview of the current state of the coal power sector, with the aim of exploring financing levers which could optimize electric power growth while also greening the system.


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