Date: Wednesday 17 March, 9:30 a.m. CST (China Standard Time)
Duration: 90 minutes
Language: English (with Mandarin simultaneous translation / 普通话同声传译)

China’s climate action in the coming decade will play a decisive role in whether the world can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. CPI conducted an analysis of the current landscape of climate finance in China to better understand the opportunities and barriers for innovative finance to accelerate China’s decarbonization and support its transition to a green economy.

The Workshop will provide a high-level overview of the report’s key findings, an overview of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab), and present three Lab instruments as case studies for the potential to apply such innovative financial models to further accelerate climate finance in China. These presentations will be followed by a highly participatory discussion with China-based climate finance stakeholders–from state-owned enterprises, bankers, investors, and development finance experts–regarding the opportunities and barriers for scaling climate finance in China, including specific opportunities related to replicating the three Lab instruments.

The workshop is co-hosted by GIZ, with support from the Beijing Institute of Finance and Sustainability and the Hewlett Foundation.


  • Shanning Dong, Bank of Jiangsu
  • Marilyn Waite, Hewlett Foundation
  • Barbara Buchner, Climate Policy Initiative
  • June Choi, Climate Policy Initiative
  • Carla Orrego, Climate Policy Initiative

Lab Instrument Presentation

  • Dimitris Karamitsos, Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy
  • Allie Goldstein, Conservation International
  • Steven Baillie, International Finance Corporation




    中国在未来十年的气候行动将对世界能否将全球变暖控制在1.5摄氏度以内起决定性作用。气候政策倡议组织(CPI)对 中国气候金融的现状 进行了分析,来更好地了解金融创新的机遇和障碍,从而加速中国脱碳和支持中国向绿色经济转型。

    此次研讨会将对报告的主要结论进行高度概述——对 气候金融创新实验室 进行概述,并以案例研究的方式介绍三种实验室工具,以探讨应用此类金融创新模型进一步加速中国气候金融的潜力。报告介绍完毕之后,主讲人将与中国气候金融的利益相关方进行互动,这其中包括国企、银行、投资者和发展金融专家,共同讨论在中国扩大气候金融的机遇和障碍,包括与推广这三个实验室工具有关的特定机遇。


  • 董善宁(江苏银行)
  • Marilyn Waite(休利特基金会)
  • Barbara Buchner(气候政策倡议组织)
  • 崔志云(气候政策倡议组织)
  • Carla Orrego(气候政策倡议)


  • Dimitris Karamitsos(巴塞尔可持续能源)
  • Allie Goldstein(保护国际基金会)
  • Steven Baillie(国际金融公司)



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