Private Finance

The private financial sector is a crucial component of achieving our global climate and sustainability goals, from the power of directing its own assets and investments, to its leverage in evaluating “counterparties,” in other words the clients and assets in its portfolios.

CPI collaborates directly with the private financial sector—asset managers, asset owners, banks, corporates, and insurers—to establish frameworks, increase transparency, and develop new financial models and instruments that accelerate the transition of global finance flows towards net zero emissions and climate-resilient development. The effectiveness of our private financial sector work is enhanced by CPI’s ability to bring key actors outside the private sector to the table, ensuring coordinated, mutually-agreeable approaches that accelerate adoption and implementation.

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Climate Finance in Indonesia: A landmark 2022 lays solid foundation for action in 2023

As Indonesia took up the mantle of G20 presidency, 2022 was a particularly momentous year filled with opportunities to examine the country’s climate finance landscape, improve the underpinning regulatory framework, and foster greater global cooperation on ensuring just energy transitions. Here is a reflection of progresses we have achieved in both sustainable finance and energy transition areas last year and a preview of what is underway for 2023.


Panorama de Financiamento de Rodovias e Ferrovias na Amazônia

Neste vídeo, o CPI/PUC-Rio apresenta o panorama de financiamento público e privado dos setores rodoviário e ferroviário na Amazônia na última década.


Pension Funds as Climate Investors: the Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act

The IRA has potential to address some of the key barriers that subnational pension funds face in making climate investments.


Are Indonesian Banks Ready to Account Climate-related Matters?

Based on a focus group survey involving Indonesia’s major commercial banks, Climate Policy Initiative has analyzed the country’s financial sector readiness and progress in assessing, reporting, and disclosing climate-related matters against national guidelines and international best practices.

Visualização de dados

Panorama Interativo de Financiamento de Infraestrutura

Panorama interativo sobre o financiamento dos setores rodoviário e ferroviário na Região Norte e Brasil.

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