Sasha Abraham is a Senior Analyst at CPI, based in London. Sasha focuses on adaptation and resilience finance within of CPI’s work on Tracking.

Prior to CPI, Sasha led international analysis at the UK Climate Change Committee, producing assessments of the UK’s international climate action and establishing technical exchanges with countries including China, South Africa and Ukraine.

Sasha was the UK’s representative to the International Climate Councils Network, where she led efforts to secure philanthropic funding and establish an external secretariat. She was also a senior aide to COP26 President Sir Alok Sharma throughout the UK COP Presidency, covering UNFCCC negotiations and international climate diplomacy with a focus on China, the U.S. and India. This involved working across UK Government departments and with the UN, UNFCCC and foreign governments to develop strategies to meet Presidency aims on mitigation, adaptation, and finance.

Sasha holds an MSc in Economics from University College London and an MA (Hons) in Economics from The University of Edinburgh.


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