Hamza Abdullah is a Consultant at CPI for the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA). He specializes in urban climate finance, adaptation, and international cooperation. With five years of experience in climate and development in India and the UK, his experience spans climate policy research, urban planning, capacity building and smart city innovation.

Before joining CPI, Hamza worked with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, India, and the National Institute of Urban Affairs, supporting initiatives like the Smart Cities Mission and ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF). He designed digital tools for climate-smart city governance and managed the resilience theme within CSCAF, developing training modules for city governments.

Hamza’s research interests include just transitions, adaptation and climate risk reduction, focusing on leveraging finance and technology to support vulnerable communities. He has conducted fieldwork with vulnerable communities in several Indian cities like Delhi, Chennai, Varanasi, and Mumbai. Hamza holds a master’s degree in Urbanisation and Development, specializing in climate change, from the London School of Economics and Political Science on a Chevening scholarship. His dissertation investigated extreme heat risks among urban manual laborers, supported by a grant from the Royal Geographical Society, UK.


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