Demo Day will introduce the Lab’s Class of 2020 to potential investors, funders, and implementation partners.

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, for which CPI serves as the Secretariat, will host its first Demo Day, a fast-paced, 75 minute program, during which Lab entrepreneurs will each make a short presentation about their innovative climate finance idea, and take questions from the audience.

Date: Thursday 22 October
Start Time: 7a PT / 10a ET / 11a BT / 16h CET / 1930h IRT
Duration: 75 minutes

Register and learn more here.

About the investment opportunities

The Lab’s class of 2020 targets four main areas: nature-based solutions, sustainable agriculture, sustainable cities, and sustainable energy access. This Lab cohort also includes instruments with a regional focus on Brazil, India, and Southern Africa.

Each of this year’s eight instruments underwent a competitive application process, followed by seven months of rigorous analysis and modeling to maximize the potential for success. Important to the COVID-19 outbreak, each instrument also incorporates elements that help overcome the pandemic’s economic distress for the most vulnerable, while also building long-term resilience.

The 41 businesses that have gone through the Lab’s previous cycles have mobilized over USD 2 billion in climate investment since 2015.


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