CPI’s executive director in Brazil Juliano Assunção and senior analyst Dimitri Szerman are participating in the 5th Economics of Low-Carbon Markets Workshop, on December 18-19th, 2017, in University of São Paulo (USP). The workshop aims at stimulating discussions among international researchers in the field of Environmental and Energy Economics and closely related areas such as Industrial Organization and Transport Economics.

In the event, Szerman will present the study “Power Plants and Deforestation: Recent Evidence from the Amazon”. Co-authoring of Juliano Assunção and Francisco Costa, the analysis shows that, while some hydropower plants built between 2003 and 2011 stimulate deforestation in the Amazon, others help to avoid it.

Assunção is a member of the ‘Economics of Low-Carbon Markets scientific committee’, which is formed by researchers from different institutions and areas. The committee welcomes theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented contributions addressing environmental choices, energy efficiency and related topics.

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