Electricity Market Reform

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Potential Implementation Risks in the Pilot Energy Efficiency Auction in Roraima

The present work aims to explain the EE auction design and to point out and assess the risks of the proposed model regarding its implementation in Roraima’s pilot. The contributions seek to mitigate the risks tied to the Winner’s Curse, perfect the chosen measurement and verification methodology and present the implementation challenges associated to the misalignment between the interests of the electricity distributor and those of the central planner.


Developing a roadmap to a flexible, low‐carbon Indian electricity system


Rethinking the future of rural energy in Indonesia amid COVID-19

With the dawn of COVID-19, there is an immediate need for policymakers to create an investment environment that nudges capital flow towards decentralized renewable energy.


Improving Efficiency for Air Conditioners: The Role of the Manaus Free Trade Zone

This policy brief, analyzes the production line of air conditioning sector in Brazil with a focus on productive and energy efficiency.


Enhancing Decentralized Renewable Energy Investment in Indonesia

Existing decentralized renewable energy business models fail to address prevailing barriers in the sector, ranging from policy barriers, limited access to finance, and high investment risks, discouraging private investments.


India’s lightbulb moment: Not using this crisis for meaningful energy sector reform would be a waste

The trend of low power demand, now furthered in the post-COVID economy, and increased RE generation, will continue to put a ceiling on the PLF of the thermal fleet.

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