In India, CPI focuses on developing innovative finance and policy solutions in support of the renewable energy and green growth plans of the Government of India. We work with a host of partners including the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency through the management of a USD 10 million engagement for decentralized solar, and more recently with Encourage Capital and KfW on the build-up of financial intermediaries. 

The team expertise lies in renewable energy, electric mobility, forestry, fiscal instrument design, and the financial sector at large. 

CPI’s India program is led by Dhruba Purkayastha

Latest work


Electricity market reform - Karnataka case study

Karnataka is well placed to meet its energy needs over the next decade thanks to the rapid deployment of renewables. But capacity additions of solar and wind are not enough on their own to help the state meet its targets.


Electricity market reform – Tamil Nadu case study

This case study addresses key elements of electricity market reforms and technology development that are central to the ability of Tamil Nadu, and India as a whole, to meet its decarbonisation goals.


Towards a greener tomorrow: India needs climate budget tagging

Climate budget tagging will help identify, classify, and weigh climate-relevant spending, thereby enabling the estimation, monitoring, and tracking of such expenditures


GROVE: Forestry Smart Ledger

GROVE: FSL crowdfunds capital for smallscale forestry projects, reduces monitoring costs through remote sensing and machine learning, and increases financial transparency and local community earnings through blockchain-backed smart contracts.


Developing a roadmap to a flexible, low‐carbon Indian electricity system


The road to sustained recovery in India starts with a definition of green finance

A roadmap for a comprehensive green finance strategy in India to help ensure a sustainable recovery.


Powering reforms: Transforming India’s power sector through GARUDA

Retiring old, inefficient coal-based power plants by bundling them with new, cheap renewable energy plants would bring multiple transformational benefits to the power sector, improve the PLF and efficiency of old thermal plants.


Accelerating Green Finance in India: Definitions and Beyond

There is a growing need to sensitize India’s financial sector about the importance and benefits of Green Finance, and ways to accelerate green capital flows in India.


Dhruba Purkayastha

Interim India Director & USICEF Director

Angel Jacob

Communications Associate

Arun Kumar Jain

Senior Finance Officer

Divjot Singh

Senior Analyst

Kushagra Gautam

Senior Analyst

Labanya Prakash Jena


Neha Sharma

Operations Manager

Sagar Srijan Joshi

Senior Analyst

Shabdita Bajpai

Finance Associate

Shreyans Jain


Vijay Nirmal Gavarraju

Project Manager, US-India Clean Energy Finance

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