Anshika Singh is an Analyst at CPI, based in New Delhi, India. She focuses on policy evaluation and financing mechanisms to catalyze decarbonization of the transport sector. Her expertise lies in low-carbon transportation, electric mobility and infrastructure assessment.

Before joining CPI, she worked with World Resources Institute India in the Sustainable Cities & Transport program. Her work majorly focused on research design for electric vehicle adoption and supporting infrastructure, market assessment of Light Electric Vehicles, and EV Batteries. She supported NITI Aayog’s e-FAST platform through her engagement with government organizations, think tanks, and private firms to collaborate on advancing research and adoption of electric medium and heavy-duty trucks.

Anshika holds a bachelor’s in planning and a master’s in Transport Planning from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Her areas of interest lie in green mobility, people-centric cities, and climate resilience.


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