On October 16th and 17th, 2011, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and the World Bank Group, in collaboration with China Light & Power (CLP) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), hosted the inaugural meeting of the San Giorgio Group (SGG), a new working group  of key financial intermediaries and institutions actively engaged in green, lowemissions finance.

CPI’s Landscape of Climate Finance published in early October indicated the critical role being played by private finance and pointed to the potential role of public finance as a catalyst for private investment. Given the scarcity of systematic, ‘on-the-ground’ information about the elements that make investments successful from a financial, environmental, organizational, and political perspective, there was broad agreement amongst financial actors engaged in green finance on the importance of and need for rigorously  analyzed case studies. The San Giorgio Group was thus convened to address this gap in climate finance information. The Group’s careful description of actual investment decisions will shed light on how public finance interacts with private investment in infrastructure and capital goods projects.

Drawing on the experience of its members and their organizations, the Group will develop detailed analysis of the goals and governance of public investment portfolios, as well as their implementation under individual projects. The analysis will aim to provide information on how to align public and private  incentives, manage risks, and coordinate different actors to most effectively deploy and scale-up green, low-emissions funding. The case studies will be analyzed in close cooperation with members and will be used to engage in outreach between SGG meetings.

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