Within developing economies, there are significant opportunities to increase investment in clean energy to help nations meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable energy access and the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Recent CPI analysis found that the greatest opportunities for impact are in Sub-Saharan Africa and South and East Asia, with a subset of eight high impact countries alone offering USD 360 billion in clean energy investment potential by 2030. Blended finance is a key tool to help address some of the risks and barriers faced by investors when pursuing these opportunities.

In this webinar, Bella Tonkonogy, Manager at CPI and Alex Clark, Assistant Analyst at CPI, present findings from their paper, Blended Finance in Clean Energy: Experiences and Opportunities, commissioned by the Blended Finance Taskforce and contributing to its consultation paper Better Finance, Better World.

Specifically, the webinar:

  • describes the risks and barriers to investors in clean energy and how blended finance has been used to address them;
  • looks at what more is needed to unlock clean energy investment opportunities in developing economies; and
  • provides examples of successful instruments from the Lab and other initiatives that have used blended finance to tackle investment barriers in clean energy.


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