Global climate change is a critical issue affecting our world and future, and the private sector will play a key role in financing action. To solve this complex issue as we promote sustainable development will require innovative thinking. The Lab is at the cutting edge providing the early support for solutions that shift us toward new sectors and opportunities.

Elizabeth Littlefield, President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)


CPI manages the Lab for driving sustainable investment. The Lab draws on expertise from governments, private sector, and international finance institutions to crowdsource, select, develop, and launch transformative climate finance instruments to drive billions of dollars of private investment into climate change action in developing countries. Lab instruments provide concrete solutions to financing challenges faced in real projects to build new markets and attract new investors. Through the Lab, CPI helps accelerate these instruments’ progress from early concept through to implementation by providing analysis, fundraising, and communications support.


Since 2014, CPI has helped the Lab identify, develop, and launch 41 transformative finance instruments focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport, climate smart agriculture, and curbing deforestation. With CPI’s help, each of the instruments has made quick progress, including to raise a collective USD $2.07 billion in investment to date. The Lab and its instruments have been endorsed by the governments of the G7, India, and Brazil. In 2017, the Lab was included in the Center for High Impact Philanthropy’s “Top 11 Best Bets” out of 1,904 submissions to the Macarthur Foundation’s 100&Change competition. Originally beginning as the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, the successful model has since been replicated as two additional regional programs in India and Brasil


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