Climate Policy Initiative’s staff, executive team, and board are committed to an ongoing examination of organizational strategy and resource allocation, which includes an assessment of areas of strength, methods, locations, and policy needs.

The particular value that CPI’s European offices have offered to date lies in international climate finance and land use in emerging economies. These are areas of great need in climate policy that also speak to some of CPI’s strengths.

CPI has decided to close its Berlin office and consolidate its European operations in Venice. A single office in Europe is the more efficient way to exercise and expand CPI’s capacity in these fields. A few analysts have been invited to relocate to Venice to continue to build this work. The Berlin office will be closed as of April 1, 2013.

At the same time, CPI has promoted Barbara Buchner, director of CPI Europe, to senior director. Dr. Buchner was regional director of CPI Venice starting in 2010, leading the office’s work on climate finance, and was named director of CPI Europe a year and a half later.

CPI will continue to support national and regional European policy where CPI has strong capacity and can provide significant added value.

In China, CPI has focused to date on economy-wide surveys of policy related to climate change. Moving forward, CPI will focus on analysis of targeted policies in areas where the organization can have more specific impact and that align with CPI’s particular strengths. Current areas of exploration include policies and programs that support increased energy efficiency and renewable energy in China.

To support this new strategy, CPI’s San Francisco headquarters will lead China projects, working with a set of partners, rather than one partner, in China. CPI hopes to continue to work with Tsinghua University on future projects.

About CPI
Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) is a global policy effectiveness analysis and advisory organization. Its mission is to assess, diagnose, and support nations’ efforts to achieve low-carbon growth. An independent, not-for-profit organization supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations, CPI’s headquarters are in the U.S., with offices and programs in Brazil, China, Europe, India, and Indonesia.


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