Alexander is currently pursuing his PhD in Law and Economics (EDLE) with a focus on climate policy and the role and efficiency of the Clean Development Mechanism in a Post-Kyoto regime. Alexander holds an LL.M. in Law and Economics from the University of Bologna, Hamburg and Haifa, where he worked on the Implications of the ETS Allocation Mechanism, and an MSc in Economics from the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, where he focused on international finance and portfolio theory. His research interests center on the carbon market, the CDM, and alternative financial mechanisms for mitigation. Prior to his work at CPI Europe, Alexander was a trainee at the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) working on carbon leakage, and CDM-related projects.

Selected Work

Vasa, A., & Neuhoff, K. (2011). The Role of CDM Post-2012 (Carbon Pricing for Low-Carbon Investment Project). Berlin: Climate Strategies/CPI.

Vasa, A. (2011). Certified emissions reductions and CDM limits: Revenue and distributional aspects. Climate Policy, 1-22.

Jürgens, I., Barreiro-Hurlé, J., & Vasa, A. (forthcoming). Identifying Carbon Leakage sectors in the EU ETS. Climate Policy.

Vasa, A., & Michaelowa, A. (2011). Uncertainty in Climate Policy – Impacts on Market Mechanisms. In G. Gramelsberger & J. Feichter (Eds.), Climate Change and Policy. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


Carbon Markets (CDM/EU ETS); Carbon Pricing and Incentives, MRV; Finance, Industry, International Negotiations and Systems; Low-Carbon Growth Plan Analysis; Germany, European Union, Latin America


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