Financial Instruments Portfolio

CPI/PUC-Rio has a research agenda dedicated to understanding Brazilian financial instruments, bringing essential discussions on the impacts on Brazilian agricultural production, recent progress, possibilities for improvement, and main challenges. The analyses seek to contribute to formulating better agricultural policies in Brazil, especially regarding rural credit and insurance.

CPI/PUC-Rio’s research shows that rural credit is essential for financing Brazilian agriculture and is fundamental for increasing productivity and improving land use. It can also contribute to adopting more sustainable practices and fulfilling Brazil’s conservation objectives. Aligning economic and technological development with environmental protection is possible. CPI/PUC-Rio recommends combining rural credit with the Forest Code for greater productivity and environmental protection.

To contribute to a better understanding of climate risk and the design of public policies for agricultural risk management, CPI/PUC-Rio rural insurance agenda analyzes the coverage of this financial instrument across the country.

Learn about CPI/PUC-Rio’s financial instruments portfolio:


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