We at CPI have been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation since January. We have implemented changes to our operations to minimize the spread. These changes have included cancelling or postponing in-person events, moving meetings to virtual tools, and instituting mandatory work from home across our offices in six locations around the world. As a global organization that prioritizes collaboration and flexibility to help our partners solve the problems they face, we believe our team and operations are fortunately well equipped for this new reality over the next weeks and months.  

Longer term, while we very much hope that this public health threat can be minimized and eventually eliminated, the outcomes on sustainable global development remain to be seen. Indeed, if some of the more dire projections around economic impacts play outsustainable, inclusive, and resilient development will be more necessary than ever in the coming years. In that light, our team continues to work with our partners through the tools available to us, and remains focused on our vision for an inclusive, low-carbon, climate resilient economyToday, more than ever, all our efforts are needed to help build a better future for us all.

We wish all our partners the very best during this challenging time. Please stay safe and be well, 

Dr. Barbara Buchner
Global Managing Director
Climate Policy Initiative 



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