The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab) is an investor-led initiative that identifies, develops, and launches promising solutions to drive public and private investment to action on climate change in emerging economies.

One of the core members and funding partners of the Lab is The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Understanding how innovative climate finance solutions are a significant catalyst to increasing public and private finance to promote sustainable and resilient agriculture practices with smallholder farmers globally, IFAD joined the effort to help build the Lab’s expertise in sustainable agriculture.

Webinar #2: Investing in Smallholders’ Regenerative Practices
Thursday, August 26 2021, 12:00-13:00 GMT

This is the second webinar in the Climate Finance for Sustainable Agriculture: The Lab Webinar Series. It brings together lessons from 2020’s TerraFund, from the World Resources Institute, and 2018’s Smallholder Forestry Vehicle (SPV), from Komaza. Both instruments allow investments in regenerative practices by smallholder farmers.

TerraFund offers discounted interest rates to incentivize SMEs to boost their social and environmental impact by working closely with smallholders. TerraFund benefits from a unique partnership with World Resources Institute’s Land Accelerator, an entrepreneurship program that provides tailored capacity-building to restoration enterprises.

Smallholder Forestry Vehicle packages tree production partnership contracts with thousands of smallholder farmers and sells them to investors, providing farmers and forestry companies with access to low-cost, long-term finance while enabling institutional investors to access sustainable forestry investments.

Speakers and Panelists:

  • Sebastian Subsol, Senior Technical Specialist – Climate Change, IFAD
  • Daniela Chiriac, Senior Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative
  • Venkat Iyer, Manager, Global Restoration Initiative, World Resources Institute
  • Tomo Kumahira, VP Corporate Finance & Strategy, Komaza (TBC)


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