Climate Policy Initiative experts will host and present at several events during COP28 that will cover finance for a just transition, adaptation and resilience, MDB reform, capital mobilization, climate finance for agrifood systems, urban climate finance, sustainable land use, and other topics.

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Advancing People-Positive Energy VTransition in India & the World

Friday 1 December; 9:00-10:00
SDG7 Global South Pavilion

The global energy transition represents a pivotal and complex journey towards sustainable, low-carbon, and equitable energy systems. Amidst development challenges and energy access disparities, all countries, especially those in the Global South, recognize the need to move away from traditional fuels to achieve climate resilience and energy security. This transition entails multifaceted efforts, including the expansion of renewable energy sources, enhancement of energy efficiency, and the deployment of innovative technologies. Moreover, the transition is intimately tied to social and economic development. It must seek to empower marginalized communities, create employment opportunities, and improve living standards for all.

Barbara Buchner will participate in this discussion, which will address the following questions:

  • What would be required to make this roadmap actionable?
  • Which priority areas do we need to focus on to ensure that this is a holistic blueprint?
  • Do we need increased collaborative efforts among diverse actors?
  • How can we activate solutions to make the energy transition more people-positive?

IDFC contribution to Climate finance: A record high

Friday 1 December; 1:30-2:30pm
IDFC Pavilion

In this high-level side-event, IDFC will present its contribution to climate finance, in particular the Green Finance Mapping 2023 report, and illustrate the role of public development banks to achieve Paris Agreement alignment.

CPI’s Global Managing Director, Barbara Buchner, will moderate the panel, which will include:

  • Hamid Tawfiki, Deputy CEO, CDG
  • Javier Diaz, CEO of Bancoldex
  • Serge Ekué, CEO of BOAD
  • Benoît Leguet, CEO, Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE)

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“Seguindo a trilha do dinheiro: Restauração Florestal e o Futuro da Amazônia”

Friday 1 December; 3:154:30 pm
Legal Amazon Consortium

The event will feature the participation of Joana Chiavari, Research Director at CPI/PUC-Rio.

There will be no live broadcast. The event will be posted on the youtube of the Legal Amazon Consortium.

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Climate finance is failing those who need it most: How can we increase and redirect climate finance where it is needed the most?

Friday 1 December; 3:30 – 4:30pm
Food Pavilion

Barbara Buchner will participate in this event, hosted by IFAD, to present data on the Landscape of Climate Finance for Agrifood Systems from the ClimateShot Investor Coalition (CLIC), highlighting the disparity between climate finance flows and the finance gaps experienced globally, and furthermore, the gap for financing adaptation and nature which is the cornerstone for smallholders rural adaption.

A panel discussion will follow on the roles and responsibilities for addressing the funding gap, and the most innovative ways of closing it, including innovative mechanisms arising from the biodiversity space.

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Bridge the gap between the latest science, the climate negotiations, and the solutions –Positive Tipping Points

Saturday 2 December; 10:00-11:15
Swedish Pavilion

The aim of the seminar is to bridge the gap between the latest science, the climate negotiations and the solutions that are showcased by businesses and other non-state actors during COP. The session will start with an overview on the latest status for the planet Earth and the risk of crossing disastrous tipping points by world leading scientists, followed by the latest research on positive tipping points that hold the potential to limit global warming in line with the Paris Agreement in a just way for people and planet.

CPI Director Bella Tonkonogy will participate in the discussion.

D20-LTIC Summit 2023

Saturday 2 December; 12:00-1:30pm
Hotel Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

The D20-LTIC gathers the leading financial institutions from G20 countries to coordinate long-term investors’ action on sustainable economic growth, infrastructure projects and green transition. Today, the Club consists of 23 international financial institutions from Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas, with combined assets exceeding $7.3 trillion.

Barbara Buchner will provide a keynote address at this event.

Climate Finance for agrifood

Saturday 2 December; 2:00 – 3:00pm
Food and Agriculture Pavilion

Food systems are grappling with a large financing shortfall to transition towards a net-zero, nature-positive, and inclusive economy. The existing financing architecture alone cannot bridge this gap without innovative and scalable financing solutions grounded in robust evidence.

CPI Manager, Dana Chiriac, will present the Landscape of Climate Finance for Agrifood Systems from the ClimateShot Investor Coalition (CLIC) at this event, hosted by CGIAR, FAO, IFAD, and Rockefeller Foundation.

Other speakers include:

  • Boaz Keizire, Head of Policy, Advocacy & Food Systems, AGRA
  • Godefroy Grosjean/Richard Newman, Co-leads, CGIAR Hub for Sustainable Finance, Impact SF
  • Diane Karusisi, CEO Bank of Kigali
  • Nick O’Donohoe, CEO, British International Investment
  • Per Frederik Pharo, Head of climate and environment department
    NoradUjala Qadir, Director of Strategy and Programs, Climate Bonds Initiative
  • Jo Puri, Associate Vice-President – Strategy and Knowledge Department – IFAD

Como dar escala à ação ambiental? Governança multinível na agenda climática brasileira

Saturday 2 December; 3:00-4:15pm
Brazilian Pavilion

Organized by CDP Latin America, the event will feature the participation of Joana Chiavari, Research Director at CPI/PUC-Rio.

Other speakers include:

  • Moderator: Miriam Garcia – Associate Director of Political Engagement at CDP Latin America. PhD in multi-level governance at the UNFCCC;
  • Viviane Romeiro – Director of Climate, Energy and Sustainable Finance at CEBDS;
  • Vírgilio Viana – General Superintendent of the Sustainable Amazon Foundation. Forestry Engineer and Professor (ESALQ/USP);

Climate mitigation and adaptation though science-technology diffusion and entrepreneurship development in Mediterranean and African regions

Saturday 2 December; 6:30-8:00pm
SE Room 4

CPI’s Global Managing Director, Barbara Buchner, will speak during this panel discussion, hosted by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, and Union for Mediterranean, which will focus on private finance and entrepreneurship development to reduce emissions and increase resilience.

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DOLLARS AND SENSE: How MDBs Can Scale the Green Transition 

Saturday 2 December; 1:45 – 3:15pm
Blue Zone

The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance will launch first-of-its-kind assessment of MDBs’ contributions to urban climate finance in low- and middle-income Countries and explores opportunities for them to do more. Climate Policy Initiative’s Global Managing Director, Dr. Barbara Buchner will present the findings and moderate the session.

This session is co-hosted by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the COP Presidency during the Local Climate Action Summit on “New Solutions & Finance for Local Action.”

The session will discuss opportunities for MDBs to increase support for local climate action. A panel of MDB leaders, Development Finance Institution (DFI) leaders and subnational leaders will identify the most urgent next steps for the MDB reform agenda.


Enabling Private Finance for Adaptation: Practical Actions to drive progress on the Sharm El-Sheik Adaptation Agenda

Sunday 3 December; 2:00 – 3:00pm
Blue Zone

This event, hosted by Resilience Rising, will highlight corporate actions to accelerate climate resilience, innovative financing and fund mobilzation, and catalytic partnerships. Barbara Buchner will co-moderate the event.

High level roundtable on just transitions

Sunday 3 December; 3:00-4:30pm
SE Room 2

In this official UNFCCC side event, CPI, Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB), Laudes Foundation, and The Ford Foundation will organize a roundtable that will share lessons and progress on JETPs in South Africa and Indonesia.

This session will unpack the mechanisms and processes used in both cases to build broad coalitions of societal support for JETP planning, but also to grapple with how to move to practical implementation.

CPI Director Tiza Mafira will participate in the panel discussion with:

  • Joanne Yawitch, Head of the South Africa JETP Secretariat
  • Rachmat Kaimuddin, Deputy Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investments in Infrastructure and Transportation, Government of Indonesia
  • Amanda Brockbank, Director, Just Energy Transition Partnerships, Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ)
  • Crispian Olver, Executive Director, Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) of South Africa
  • Haley St Dennis, Head of Just Transitions, IHRB

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This event will be livestreamed via the UNFCCC Secretariat’s YouTube channel

PDBs working as a system – innovation and knowledge to unlock climate finance at scale

Sunday 3 December; 3:30 – 5:00pm
Joint MDB Pavilion

Finance in Common (FiCS) is a unique global movement of all Public Development Banks (PDBs) and their stakeholders, actively contributing to the emergence of a global framework for sustainable investment. Its overarching objective is to provide and catalyse finance at a global scale in support of the 2030 UN SDGs, the objectives of the Paris Agreement and of the Montreal/Kunming Biodiversity Framework.

This event will gather high-level speakers representing the community of PDBs that supported
the organization of the successful FiCS 2023 edition. CPI’s Global Managing Director, Barbara Buchner, will present at this event with speakers including:

  • Mr. Rémy Rioux, Chairman, FiCS
  • Mr. Adama Mariko, Secretary General, FiCS
  • Mr. Ambroise Fayolle, Vice-President, EIB
  • Mr. Javier Diaz, President, Bancoldex and co-Chair of IDFC  
  • Mr. Pablo Saveedra, Vice President, World Bank Group
  • Mr. Jin Liqun, President, AIIB

Pioneering Transition to Sustainable Infrastructure with FAST-Infra Label

Sunday 3 December; 4:00-5:00pm
LGMA Pavilion

This panel discussion, organized by the Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB) and the FAST-Infra Group (FIG), is dedicated to introducing the FAST-Infra Label and a pioneer project that has successfully earned the provisional label. During the discussion, panelists, including CPI Senior Advisor Vikram Widge, will share their expertise and perspectives on the growing importance of sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Moreover, they will explore the potential impact of FAST-Infra Label in catalyzing the transition for infrastructure to a sustainable future.

Why is MDB reform crucial to accelerating urban climate finance?

Sunday 3 December; 4:00-6:00pm
IDFC Pavilion

Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) reform is high on the agenda at COP28 for many international stakeholders, particularly with respect to climate finance, which needs to be scaled rapidly to tackle the climate crisis. Cities sit at the forefront of the climate crisis, accounting for 70% of global energy use and 75% of CO2 emissions, and are some of the most vulnerable areas to the impacts of the climate crisis. 

This event, hosted by the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, will discuss the key policy recommendations for MDB reform to accelerate urban climate finance identified in a new report developed by CCFLA in collaboration with the C40 Cities and the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM). Entitled ‘Accelerating Urban Climate Finance in Low-and Middle-Income Economies: A Strategic Component of MDB Reform,’ the report presents a comprehensive picture of the current landscape of MDBs’ contributions to urban climate finance and presents recommendations on how they can play an even more significant role in financing urban climate projects.

Unlocking Financing Opportunities for Climate-Resilient, Sustainable Agriculture in India and the Global South

Sunday 3 December; 4:30-6:00pm
Regional Climate Foundations Pavilion

The event will feature the participation of Joana Chiavari, Research Director at CPI/PUC-Rio.

Incentives for Financing Green Construction Sector

Monday 4 December; 9:00 – 12:00pm
SGBF Pavilion

CPI Manager, Priscillia Negreiros, will participate in this panel that will deliberate on the effective financial incentives and mechanisms that governments and institutions can provide to stimulate investment in green construction projects. The event aims to answer key questions like, how can the private sector be encouraged to invest in green construction, and what role do financial incentives play in attracting green capital? What are the key challenges and barriers in implementing financial incentives for the green construction sector, and how can these hurdles be overcome? Can financial incentives for green construction be tailored to specific regions and types of projects, and what lessons can be learned from successful regional approaches? And what are the long-term impacts and benefits of offering financial incentives for green construction, both in terms of environmental outcomes and economic growth?

nce and presents recommendations on how they can play an even more significant role in financing urban climate projects.

Reducing the climate finance gap with gender-responsive Nature-based Solutions

Monday 4 December; 10:00 – 11:00am
Philippines Pavilion | Blue Zone B6-80

CPI Director Tiza Mafira will speak at this panel, hosted by the Philippines Department of Finance.

Creating pathways to mobilise private sector climate finance in the global south

Monday 4 December; 11:00 – 12:00pm
IETA Pavilion

CPI’s Global Managing Director, Barbara Buchner, will participate in this panel discussion which will bring together diverse perspectives on the role of EBRD, its partner institutions and initiatives in strengthening the enabling environment, catalysing markets and deploying innovative financing instruments in the Global South countries to mobilize the private sector for the enormous investments needed to make the green transition and to bridge the climate investment gap. The event aims to highlight innovative financing instruments and strategies deployed by EBRD and its MDB/private sector partners, as well as the technical assistance and policy dialogue support provided by EBRD and its partner institutions in Global South countries to overcome policy/regulatory barriers to mobilize climate finance at scale.

The changing landscape of climate financing in Asia and the Pacific

Monday 4 December; 11:00-12:30pm
ADB Pavilion

CPI Director Tiza Mafira will participate in this side event, which will cover the global demands on the financing architecture and how it will affect the landscape for Asia and the Pacific. It will present an overview of the climate finance flows in the region, highlighting key financing figures as well as the challenges and opportunities in narrowing the financing gap. In the panel discussion, each panel member is expected to speak on their institutions’ role in shifting the architecture to meet the demands for a change in delivering climate finance. More importantly, they will expound on the roles of various institutions in not only delivering finance but supporting the process of accessing climate finance, and in creating enabling environments to overcome identified challenges and successfully turning them into opportunities.

Mobilizing Methane Finance (Methane Finance Sprint)

Monday 4 December; 12:00- 1:00pm
CATF Pavilion

CPI Director Bella Tonkonogy will participate in this event, hosted by Clean Air Task Force (CATF), which will foster a discussion on concrete steps to increase public and private investment in methane abatement. This session will consider how governments, industry, international financial institutions, cities and municipalities, can work together to raise catalytic levels of methane abatement financing on capital markets and build investor appetite in one of the fastest paths to slowing climate change. 

GFANZ Roundtable on Unlocking Transition Finance Through Common Definitions

Monday 4 December; 12:00- 1:00pm
Impact Hub – Multi-Purpose Meeting Room (Green Zone)

CPI Senior Advisor Vikram Widge will participate in this roundtable, co-hosted by the UAE COP28 Presidency and GFANZ, which will focus on a roadmap for rapidly developing and implementing common definitions of transition finance strategies, as well as the need for credible and robust forward-looking metrics capturing expected decarbonisation benefits, to unlock greater flows of private finance in support of transition.

Sustainable Innovation Forum: Solving the energy trilemma: sustainability, affordability and security

Monday 4 December; 12:50-1:30pm
Climate Action Zone

Barbara Buchner will moderate the session, “Solving the energy trilemma: sustainability, affordability and security” at the Sustainable Innovation Forum, with speakers:

  • Dr. Tej Gidda, Global Leader – Future Energy, GHD
  • Christian Pho Duc, CTO, Smartenergy
  • Francois Austin, Global Head, Energy & Natural Resources, Oliver Wyman
  • Faustine Delaselle, Executive Director, Mission Possible Partnership Global

Mobilizing Private Finance: The Example of Export Credit Guarantees

Monday 4 December; 2:00-3:30pm
German Pavilion

The Global Stocktake points out that scaled-up mobilization of support for climate action in developing countries entails strategically deploying international public finance and instruments, which remain a prime enabler for action. Germany as a member of the Export Finance for Future Initiative committed to the implementation of the COP26 Statement and to align its public trade and export policies with the with the 1.5-degree pathway. With its climate strategy for the federal export credit guarantee instruments Germany introduces preferential cover conditions for climate-friendly projects.

CPI Director Bella Tonkonogy will speak at this event, where policy makers, exporters, civil society and financial institutions will come together to discuss the role of several instruments, especially export credit guarantees in mobilizing private finance for the green transformation. Discover how this instrument can unlock sustainable investments, drive innovation and accelerate the transition towards a greener future.

Harnessing Data for Sustainable Finance

Monday 4 December; 3:00-4:00pm
Women’s Pavilion – Majlis, Green Zone

This roundtable will gather a spectrum of stakeholders—from financial institutions to investors, market infrastructure providers and Multilateral Development Banks —to dissect and address data challenges in the green finance transition. It aims to identify key priorities, unveil emerging solutions, and establish actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of data in the sustainable finance transformation.

Barbara Buchner will provide a keynote address to start the discussion.

Financing from carbon markets to accelerate the coal-to-clean transition in emerging markets

Monday 4 December; 3:30-4:30pm
Net Zero Futures Pavilion

The Rockefeller Foundation announced the Coal to Clean Credit Initiative (CCCI) in June with support from Climate Policy Initiative, RMI, and South Pole. The ambition of the initiative it to set a new comprehensive standard for the use of carbon finance to incentivize a just transition away from coal-fired power plants to renewable energy in emerging economies. In addition, CCCI is working to advance a pilot transaction in 2024 and to secure engagement from sovereign buyers of credits under the auspices of the Paris Agreement.

This event will showcase and discuss progress on the CCCI initiative with experts, across three work areas:

  1. Methodology development
  2. Buyer engagement
  3. Pilot transactions/asset owners

CPI’s Vikram Widge will moderate the discussion with speakers:

  1. Eric Francia, CEO, ACEN Corporation
  2. Darmawan Prasodjo, CEO, PLN  
  3. Mandy Rhambaros, Vice President, Environmental Defense Fund
  4. Pamela Lee, Director, National Climate Change Secretariate, Singapore

Private capital mobilization by MDBs: Innovations and opportunities for collaboration with the private sector

Monday 4 December; 4:30-5:30pm
Impact Hub – Multi-purpose Meeting Room, Green Zone

This high-level Finance Day event hosted by the COP28 Presidency in collaboration with IFC and CPI which will feature announcements from MDBs and their partners on new innovations to catalyze greater private finance in emerging markets and developing economies as well as showcase lessons learned to date from successful mobilization partnerships with the private sector. Barbara Buchner will moderate the session with speakers:

  • John Gandolfo, VP and Treasurer, IFC
  • Sandro Pierri, CEO, BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • Odile Renaud-Basso, President, EBRD
  • Remy Rioux, CEO, AFD
  • James Scriven, CEO, IDB Invest
  • Marc-André Blanchard, Executive Vice President, CDPQ
  • Sir Danny Alexander, VP, AIIB

Financing the transition of high-emitting sectors

Monday 4 December; 4:30-5:45pm
Japan Pavilion

CPI Director Tiza Mafira will participate in this panel discussion, with:

  • Seiji Inagaki (Dai-Ichi Life Holdings)
  • Masamichi Kono (MUFG)
  • Takeshi Hashimoto (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines)
  • Yutaka Matsuzawa (Ministry of Environment)
  • Yuki Yasui (GFANZ APAC)

Adaptation and resilience: Financing the education, health, and development of young children in the climate era

Monday 4 December; 4:30-5:30pm
The Education Hub, Green Zone

This session will discuss the critical need for catalytic financing to ensure the health and development of young children in the face of climate change. It will bring together experts, policymakers, philanthropic organizations, and stakeholders worldwide to discuss innovative financing mechanisms and strategies to support child-and-family-responsive adaptation and resilience efforts. Participants will explore the role of public and private financing and the potential for leveraging existing climate finance mechanisms to prioritize early childhood health and development investments. This session will highlight the need to address equity and inclusivity in financing strategies to ensure climate adaptation efforts benefit young children and communities, especially those marginalized.

CPI Manager Chavi Meattle will participate in the panel discussion.

Paris Agreement alignment: how can PDBs best respond to the expectations of the Paris Agreement?

Tuesday 5 December; 9:00 – 10:30am
IDFC Pavilion

Public Development Banks have a key role to play to support the decarbonization and climate resilience of developing and emerging countries and the redirection and mobilization of public and private financial flows in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

CPI Director Bella Tonkonogy will speak at this event, hosted by AFD.

World Meteorological Organization side event

Tuesday 5 December; 1:45-2:45pm

CPI Global Managing Director Barbara Buchner will present the Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2023 report at this event.

Breaking Finance Barriers in Decarbonising Cities

Tuesday 5 December; 2:00-4:00pm
Shared Presentation Hub

This session will bring together city mayors and leaders, private investors, government and other stakeholders to discuss how to progress existing pragmatic initiatives that are bringing together cities and investors and addressing the challenges of securing investment including innovative financing, scale replicability.

CPI Manager Priscilla Negreiros will participate in this event.

High-level roundtable on the potential of Islamic finance for the energy transition: Hurdles and horizons

Tuesday 5 December; 6:00-9:00pm

This invite-only COP28 side event, hosted by CPI and supported by Growald Climate Fund, will convene key stakeholders from the Islamic finance and broader energy communities to discuss the potential of Islamic finance in supporting a clean and just energy transition. A dinner reception will follow the discussion.

Private Finance Capacities Day

Wednesday 6 December
Capacity-building Hub

CPI will co-lead the UNFCCC Private Finance Capacities Day with onepoint5. CPI Director Dharshan Wignarajah will participate in the opening panel discussion and CPI Manager Chavi Meattle will provide opening remarks.

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PDBs and cities: A wining partnership for a successful climate transition

Wednesday 6 December; 9:00-11:00am
IDFC Pavilion

Urban areas generate around 70% of the global greenhouse gas emissions and face various challenges for developing and funding/financing climate-smart projects. National development banks (NDBs), including Subnational Development Banks, are well positioned to support those projects, as they are ideally placed to de-risk or cover upfront costs, can provide local currency financing instruments, and can leverage locally adapted financial mechanisms. However, NDBs face barriers in supporting the urban sector, among which the lack of available feasibility studies and projects pipelines coupled with the lack of favorable regulatory and institutional frameworks which limit the cities financial autonomy and planning.

CPI Manager Priscillia Negreiros will participate in this discussion.

Bridgetown Initiative Series: Unblocking the green transformation in developing countries with a partial foreign exchange guarantee

Wednesday 6 December; 11:00am-12:00pm
Barbados Pavilion

In this session of the Bridgetown Initiative series at the COP28 Barbados Pavilion, Avinash Persaud, one of the architects of the Bridgetown Initiative, will kick of the discussion with an overview of the proposed FX Guarantee mechanism, following which he will engage a panel of experts, including Vikram Widge, to further dissect the problem, the proposed solution, and the path forward, wrapping up with live Q&A in the Barbados Pavilion.

The Just Transition outcomes and indicators: Are we on the right path?

Wednesday 6 December; 11:30am – 1:00pm
Joint MDB Pavilion

This side event, hosted by New Development Bank and the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) of South Africa, aims to enlighten key players, particularly EMDCs and financial institutions, on whether they are in the right direction as they embark on the journey of a just transition. EMDCs will share their experiences so far in terms of processes they have followed in determining the outcomes, results and associated indicators for the just transition, what the metrics look like and communicate whether they have the confidence that they are on the right path. The main successes and challenges that need to be addressed will be discussed. This side event further aims to boost partners’ confidence in supporting EMDCs’ just transition endeavours.

CPI Director Bella Tonkonogy will moderate the panel discussion.

Rebalancing Climate Finance Strategies to Co-Finance Resilient Adaptation and Mitigation

Wednesday 6 December; 1:00-2:00pm
Green Zone

Studies show that significantly more climate finance investment is needed by 2050, expected losses from extreme weather could total many more trillions of dollars and millions of lost lives, and that current decarbonization pathways and commitments are behind schedule. In order to meet this challenge, a new balance is needed in allocations of global climate finance investment between adaptation and mitigation. Barbara Buchner will participate in this session, hosted by Milken Institute.

Designing the CIF Climate Resilience Program: New Ways to Engage

Wednesday 6 December; 1:00-2:30pm
ADB Pavilion

This COP28 side event will introduce the proposed Climate Resilience Program that the MDBs are currently developing with the CIF and discuss the critical role that the MDB partnership through the CIF can play in spearheading a new generation of adaptation finance. CPI Director Dharshan Wignarajah will participate in the event.

Redefining Success: A Just and Equitable Transition through greater Climate Action and SDGs Synergies

Wednesday 6 December; 1:15-2:45pm
SE Room 7, Blue Zone

CPI Senior Advisor Vikram Widge will participate in this event, which will provide insights into key milestones in 2024 where the critical topic of enhancing climate and SDG synergies and deepening its evidence-base can be further advanced.

Key to Green Cities: Meeting the Challenge of Tomorrow’s Megacities with Climate Finance

Wednesday 6 December; 2:00-3:30pm
Rwanda Pavilion

CPI Manager Priscillia Negreiros will serve as a moderator of the fireside chat,Key to Green Cities: Meeting the Challenge of Tomorrow’s Megacities with Climate Finance” — a COP28 event, hosted by the Government of Rwanda, that will highlight the critical importance of scaling local climate action in cities across the developing world.

Climate and just transition finance landscape; Anchoring global and regional finance flows in low-corbon contexts

Wednesday 6 December; 5:00-6:00pm
South Africa Pavilion

Join the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) of the Republic of South Africa, GreenCape (GC) and CPI in a panel discussion that will feature global, regional, and local South African climate, green economy and related finance flows that constitute the just transition finance landscape for South Africa. Panellists will feature the journey of existing, global climate, green economy, and other sustainability finance flows as it filters into just transition discussions, and share current findings, data and lessons on the intervention areas for just transitions in this complex finance ecosystem.

CPI Manager Chavi Meattle will participate in the event.

Private Capital Mobilization in Emerging Markets

Wednesday 6 December
Barbados Pavilion

Building on CPI’s efforts to advance dialogues on capital mobilization in the development finance system, this invite-only meeting will offer attendees an opportunity to reflect on and discuss what has been achieved on capital mobilization to date, and what the international financial architecture reforms still need to address in 2024 to achieve real results.

Devex Climate + Summit

Thursday 7 December; 3:25-4:20pm
Warehouse Four, 4B Street, Al Quoz

CPI Director Dharshan Wignarajah will facilitate the session, “How can climate finance reach communities on the frontlines of the crisis?” This workshop will highlight the challenges, opportunities, and approaches that will be needed to get climate finance to communities on the frontlines of the crisis. 

Green Tech Conference

Thursday 7 December
Palace Dubai Downtown Hotel

CPI Manager Carla Orrego will speak on the panel, “Impact Investing – How To Drive Real Value For The Future,” at this event hosted by DLA Piper.

World Climate Summit: Finance for Adaptation and Resilience – Creating a Green and Inclusive Future

Friday 8 December; 1:15-2:00pm
Conrad, Dubai

According to UNEP, despite the recent developments in adaptation plans, strategies and policies, the financing deployed to turn these measures into action is not sufficient. On the contrary, the gap between estimated needs and actual finance flows is widening. Which finance mechanisms and innovations are best suited to address and cover the adaptation finance gap of USD 340 billion by 2030? CPI Director Dharshan Wignarajah will moderate this session, which will explore the business case for adaptation. 

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Upscaling Climate Finance Investment and Mobilization: the Potential of National Green Facilities in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Friday 8 December; 4:00-5:00pm
ADB Pavilion

Southeast Asia is a region highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Addressing these imminent threats necessitates exponential increases in funding and support for green projects, mitigation measures, and adaptive strategies.

CPI Manager Baysa Naran will provide a keynote address at this event. Speakers include:

  • Scott Roberts, Southeast Asia Green Finance Hub, ADB
  • Yukiko Omura, Chair, Private Infrastructure Development Group
  • Edwin Syahruzad, President Director, PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (PT SMI)
  • Shamsul Bahar, CEO, Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corp (MGTC)
  • John McGingley, Managing Partner, USAID – Mekong Strategic Partners (Cambodia Climate Finance Facility)
  • David Woods, Deputy Chair, New Zealand Green Investment Finance

Finance Transparency for Ambition and Accountability

Saturday 9 December; 12:00-1:15pm
Global Stocktake Pavilion

This session, hosted by the World Resources Institute and UNFCCC on Finance Transparency for Ambition and Accountability, aims to share insights between investors, international organizations and civil society organizations on the successes and challenges on improving climate finance transparency. CPI Manager Baysa Naran will participate in the session, which will explore options that can be used by the supply- and recipient sides of financial flows to fill in the gap, translate date into financial decisions, and open up data.

Climate mainstreaming in PDBs and implications for MDB-NDB cooperation

Saturday 9 December; 4:00-6:00pm
IDFC Pavilion

Public Development Banks (PDBs) – including National Development Banks (NDBs) and Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) – vary in their approaches to climate mainstreaming, and in their alignment with the Paris Agreement specifically. Differences in political economic contexts, institutional form and scale, as well as mandate, influence the paths to alignment (both optimal and actual) followed across the PDB ecosystem.

This event, organized by IDFC, CPI, and E3G, seeks to discuss the findings of a paper between E3G and CPI about the current state of interactions among MDBs and PDBs to discuss opportunities with PDBs representatives about to increase the volume, effectiveness, and equity of global climate finance, as part of progress on wider IFA reform.

CPI Manager Nicole Pinko will participate in this event.

The role of finance in transforming food systems 

Sunday 10 December; 10:30-11:00am
Food and Agriculture Pavilion

This event is a fireside chat with CPI and ClimateShot Investor Coalition (CLIC) Manager Dana Chiriac, in conversation with Danielle Nierenberg, President of Food Tank.

Livestream the discussion here

Paris Alignment reporting – A discussion with MDBs, standard-setters and stakeholders

Sunday 10 December; 11:30am – 12:45pm
Joint MDB Pavilion

Speakers will include:

  • Jingdong Hua, Vice-Chair of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)
  • Dharshan Wignarajah, UK Director of Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
  • Davinah Milenge Uwella, African Development Bank (AfdB)
  • Claire Eschalier Climate Mainstreaming Initiative (I4CE)

Designing Impactful Financing Models for Climate and Nature in Latin America and the Caribbean

Sunday 10 December; 1:30pm
Latin America and the Caribbean Pavilion

This event will aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of the financing landscape for climate and nature action in LAC from the viewpoint of development banks, corporates, investors and intermediary institutions. It will also look at the main areas that need to be addressed and where the opportunities for transformative capital sources to work collaboratively are.

CPI Manager Carla Orrego will participate in this event.

Tracking adaptation finance in development projects

Sunday 10 December; 1:30-3:00pm
Joint MDB Pavilion

This event aims to share experiences, lessons learned and challenges on supporting adaptation and tracking adaptation finance. The event will kick off with an opening session to announce IDFC adoption of the joint MDB methodology for tracking adaptation finance, further enhancing understanding of activities that contribute to adaptation and harmonisation among financial institutions. The opening session will be followed by an expert panel aimed at advancing understanding of countries needs, and MDBs and IDFC support for adaptation. Following a short overview of the MDB methodology, experts from MDBs, IDFC, and countries will discuss their experience, challenges and opportunities on adaptation investments – from incremental to transformational investments needed to build climate resilience globally.

CPI Manager Baysa Naran will speak during this event.

Technical side-event on emerging best practice on Paris alignment

Monday 11 December; 1:30 – 3:30pm
IDFC Pavilion

This event, hosted by CPI, I4CE, and AFD, will allow institutions to learn from each other’s respective experiences with Paris alignment and share the latest research on how to improve their Paris alignment. CPI Manager Nicole Pinko will participate in this session, which will include presentations from CPI/I4CE & AFD on the study on Paris alignment methodologies.


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