September 6, 2023

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm EAT (2:00 pm to 3:30 pm BST)

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There is a need to scale-up and accelerate finance for agriculture and food systems globally, and to shift them to a low-carbon and climate-resilient pathway by 2030.

In collaboration with AGRA’s Agribusiness Dealroom, as part of the Africa Food Systems Forum (AGRF), the CLIC Connector is organizing the session Climate-proofing our food for the future to showcase eight agribusinesses to interested investors and funders.

They will also share information on the climate and nature-based aspects of their work with smallholder farmers and other stakeholders in agrifood supply chains.

Learn more about CLIC  or email for more information on the event.

Presenting agribusinesses

Agrosahas International Private Ltd Vertically integrated Ugandan agroprocessing and trading platform shifting farmers to certified organic practices for soy, maize, sunflowers. It is supported by its own Digifarmer app, with ambition to export to Europe.
CoAmana Market Ltd A technology platform facilitating market access, linking smallholder farmers and traders, providing market information and access to financial services, and fostering climate resilience. Provides a software solution to existing trade hubs in Nigeria and Kenya.
Farmio Ltd Greenhouse kit supplier (including drop irrigation, inputs) using local recycled materials with a focus on veg and snail production. Also provides technical assistance on climate-smart agriculture, aggregate produce, full value chain support, market linkages to offtakers and processors via Farmio app.
FarmWorks Agritech company based in Kenya that provides small-holder farmers with regenerative agriculture training and support, quality inputs, off-take, and domestic and export market access.
MazaoHub Farm Management SystemClimate-smart farm management software platform integrated with soil scanners, input distribution and agronomy support in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Enables all agricultural stakeholders to manage and monitor end-to-end farm operations, make data-driven decisions, optimize cost and improve yields.
Miyonga Fresh Greens Enterprises LtdFruit and nut processor using sustainable solar farm-gate technologies to empower smallholder fruit farmers to reduce post-harvest waste, producing high-value products that meet international quality standards and have a growing and unmet demand globally.
The Source Plus  The Source Plus works closely with small-scale farmers in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi to source sustainably produced honey and ensure traceability and transparency within the honey value chain, while providing fair prices and access to markets and TA on sustainable land practices.
Winich IncWinich runs fulfilment centers and connects informal supply chain actors with each other – smallholder producers, informal processors and retailers – helping to avoid food waste and encouraging organic farming with premium prices in Nigeria.

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