Tiza Mafira, CPI Indonesia Senior Analyst, attended the 2016 Oslo REDD Exchange. This event was hosted by the Norwegian government on June 14th-15th, and attended by 511 participants from 47 countries. The conference aimed to take stock of REDD+ implementation at the national level, and how the international community could provide support in the post-Paris context, and also to understand the challenges of REDD+ implementation at the subnational level and to explore experiences on the ground. CPI spoke at a session on East Kalimantan, Indonesia, titled: What are the prospects for transformational change in land-use?

In the presentation, Tiza Mafira expressed that fiscal policies can set incentives for green economic growth. Current fiscal policies have not discouraged regional and local administrations to expand land use. Rather, regional governments have received revenues from companies’ extensive production in their region, although the central government retains the lion’s share of such revenues. Fiscal policies can be targeted to incentivize deforestation reductions. They can also be used to generate financing of emissions reduction activities upfront, if designed wisely, and if there is sufficient will to enter into a green development path.


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