Distributed Renewable Energy Programs in India

CPI has been working to support India in fulfilling its climate change commitments through initiatives on the State of Finance & Policy, Alignment & Effectiveness, and Design and Development.

Under its Design & Development workstream, the CPI India office works on increasing the uptake of distributed renewable energy (DRE) to support India’s energy transition.

Building on the tremendous success of the US India Clean Energy Finance Facility, CPI has launched two facilities to support the deployment of distributed renewable energy: the India PURE Finance Facility (IPFF) and India Clean Energy Finance (ICEF).

India Clean Energy Finance

India Clean Energy Finance (ICEF) is a one-of-a-kind project preparation facility managed by CPI to promote DRE applications in India. It supports early-to-mid-stage enterprises/businesses that are engaged in the development of DRE projects that would not typically be able to access commercial funding because of their small scale and high perceived risks. With funding support from the MacArthur Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies, ICEF provides technical assistance that can help increase projects’ bankability, thus catalyzing long-term debt financing and equity investments.

India PURE Finance Facility

India PURE Finance Facility (IPFF) takes an innovative approach to expanding the productive use of renewable energy (PURE) in rural and semi-urban areas. Its focus goes beyond the energy transition from fossil fuels, emphasizing projects that bring additional benefits, such as creating livelihood opportunities, promoting gender equity, and fostering social and economic growth. IPFF’s primary goal is to accelerate PURE adoption in low-income communities and rural areas. With funding from the IKEA Foundation, the IPPF establishes and funds a robust network of technical advisers to support existing and emerging PURE enterprises in securing long-term financing from domestic and international financial institutions.

These initiatives are led by Vivek Sen.



Dhruba Purkayastha

India Director

Angel Jacob

Senior Communications Associate

Vivek Sen

Acting Director

Kushagra Gautam


Rob Kahn

Director, Global Communications

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