Sustainability and resilience are increasingly a focus for large multinational corporations (MNCs) especially those with global supply chains. Various disclosure and reporting standards and frameworks include climate change and environment-related parameters on productivity, land degradation, soil fertility, resource efficiency, and emissions accounting. For example, companies responding to the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) climate change questionnaire for corporations must provide details on climate risks identified with potential to have substantive financial or strategic impact on their business and plans in place to address those risks. Strategies reported by MNCs to date in Africa include investing in physical climate risk analysis, supporting sustainable agroforestry in response to climate-related forestry risks, and investing in climate smart capacity building for farmers in their supply chains. MNCs have potential to deploy additional finance and technology at scale to undertake adaptation measures. For example, in 2012, Mondelēz, the world’s largest chocolate company launched an initiative called Cocoa Life and invested USD 400 million to support farmers to improve yields and earn higher income across the tropical rainforest countries globally including Ghana in Africa.

 Minimal risk appetite Risk Appetite

Modest risk appetite.

 Voluntary efforts to embed climate change in investment decisions Climate Mandate

Largely voluntary efforts to embed climate change strategy in investment decisions; may have negative mandate on climate harming investments.

 Capital raising unrestricted Ability to Raise Funds

Presence of legal/regulatory frameworks to embed climate change in investment decisions.

 Ability to determine funding mandate, with some limits Flexibility to Deploy Funds

Ability to determine funding mandate and flexibility on types of vehicles, with some limits on one or both.

This project has been developed in partnership with the Global Center on Adaptation


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