Agenda and Presentations

While the EU still has the leadership position in low-carbon technologies and production, the fast pace of the global battle for competitiveness in the low-carbon economy means that the EU is at risk of being overtaken by others. China has outlined continued ambition to reduce the energy and carbon intensity of its economy and to encourage low-carbon development in its recently released 12th Five-Year Plan. What are the implications of the Chinese experience in the 11th Five-Year Plan for the current Five-Year Plan? What do planned strategies for the 12th Five-Year Plan mean for the EU low-carbon policy and competitiveness? What are the lessons EU policymakers and businesses can learn from their Chinese counterparts and competitors? How do China’s domestic plans fit into the picture of international GHG reductions?

To share their expert perspectives on these and other issues, The Centre invited CPI at Tsinghua Director Qi Ye, who presented CPI’s study “Review of Low-Carbon Development in China: 2010.” Responses were provided by Jos Delbeke, Director General of the European Commission’s DG for Climate Action, Jonathan Sinton from IEA, and Russel Mills from Dow Chemical.


  • Qi Ye, Director, Climate Policy Initiative at Tsinghua
  • Jos Delbeke, Director General for Climate Action, European Commission
  • Jonathan Sinton, Program Manager for China, The International Energy Agency
  • Russel Mills, Global Director for Energy and Climate Policy, Dow Chemical
  • Martin Porter, Manging Director, Edelman│The Centre

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