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As national responses to climate change evolve and strengthen, so too must the systems for tracking green­house gas emissions, climate policies, and prog­ress toward goals.

National governments use a wide range of institutions and processes to measure, report, and verify (MRV) emissions and mitigation outcomes. These tracking systems are a critical component of policy effectiveness — they help countries meet their domestic policy objectives by tracking achievement of domestic policy targets and informing future policy decisions. Effective domestic MRV processes can also build trust among nations, provide confidence in the effectiveness of international agreements, and inform the design of such agreements.

CPI has engaged in an effort to characterize, evaluate, and draw insights from domestic MRV systems in four of the major emitters — China, Germany, Italy, and the United States. In our analysis, we shed light on the institutional processes these countries use to track emissions and mitigation actions, assess how well they’re currently performing, and point out where systems need to be strengthened in order to meet emerging needs. The webinar will cover highlights from this analysis.

Presenters include Julia Zuckerman, Alexander Vasa, PhD, and Valerio Micale.

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