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Limiting global temperature rise to below 1.5°Celsius while achieving sustainable development will require trillions in new investments, and a deliberate shift toward low-carbon, climate-resilient economic models.

With deep expertise in policy and finance, CPI’s analysts and advisors help governments, businesses, and financial institutions drive economic growth while addressing climate change. Our Climate Finance program, a 70-person team led by Dr. Barbara Buchner, works to drive low carbon, resilient investment at scale.


Latest work


Fostering Economic Resilience in Berau through Smallholder Crop Diversification

This CPI study explores crop diversification opportunities to support independent smallholders in Berau for better long-term outcomes


Energizing Finance: Understanding the Landscape 2020

The Energizing Finance: Understanding the Landscape report, developed by Sustainable Energy for All in partnership with Climate Policy Initiative and produced annually since 2017, provides a comprehensive analysis of commitments flowing to the two key areas of energy access: electrification and clean cooking.


Scaling Innovative Climate Finance Instruments: Experience from the Lab

While challenging, scaling up climate finance ideas is possible, and is greatly facilitated by four success factors that can be influenced by the entrepreneurs developing these initiatives and their stakeholders.


Examining the Climate Finance Gap for Small-Scale Agriculture

This report proposes a theoretical framework and methodology that can be used to measure and categorize climate finance flows to small-scale agriculture in developing countries. It also provides a snapshot of the current state of climate finance to small-scale agriculture representing international financial commitments in 2017 and 2018.


It’s time for recovery finance to step up

Now, more than ever, development finance has a role to play in addressing both short and long-term needs, setting market signals, and taking risks the private sector can’t bear – all roles crucial for setting the trajectory toward a more sustainable future.


Global Landscape of Renewable Energy Finance 2020

This report, co-developed by CPI and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), provides actionable recommendations for policy makers and other stakeholders to scale up investment and mobilize capital in the renewable energy sector.


IDFC Green Finance Mapping 2020

IDFC has conducted regular mapping of its member institutions’ green finance commitments since 2011. Climate Policy Initiative supports this effort by assisting IDFC member institutions filling out the survey, and checks, aggregates, and analyzes the data.


Indeks Desa Membangun Plus (IDM+): Enhancing Direct Incentives for Sustainable Land Use in Indonesian Villages

This paper proposes a two-part approach for a potentially sweeping, but relatively practical reform to encourage villages across Indonesia to adopt sustainable practices.


Albertus Prabu Siagian


Alex Clark


Alke Rabinsa Haesra


Angel Jacob

Communications Associate

Angela Falconer


Angela Woodall

Senior Design Associate

Anna Balm

Project Manager for GNIplus Kenya

Arun Kumar Jain

Senior Finance Officer

Barbara Buchner

Global Managing Director and Executive Director, Climate Finance

Baysa Naran

Senior Analyst

Bella Tonkonogy

Associate Director

Ben Broche


Brurce Muhammad Mecca

Assistant Analyst

Carla Orrego


Caroline Dreyer

Senior Communications Associate

Chavi Meattle

Senior Analyst

Cooper Wetherbee


Daniela Chiriac

Senior Consultant

Danielle Knight

Chief Financial Officer

Dhruba Purkayastha

Interim India Director

Divjot Singh

Senior Analyst

Donovan Escalante


Elysha Davila

Head of Communications

Federico Mazza

Senior Analyst

Felipe Borschiver


Hélène Van Caenegem


Howard Bamsey

Board of Directors

Idan Sasson

Project Coordinator

Jolly Sinha


Josh Wheeling

Senior Data Visualization Associate

Júlio Lubianco

Communications Associate

June Choi


Kaye Bettney

HR & Operations Manager

Keren Gross

Operations Associate

Khin Khin Wong

Senior Accountant

Kristiina Yang

Project Coordinator

Kushagra Gautam

Senior Analyst

Labanya Prakash Jena


Leigh Madeira


Lidya Jalius

Senior Operations Associate

Luthfyana Kartika Larasati

Senior Analyst

Matthew Solomon


Melody Salerno

Assistant Operations and Communications Associate

Morgan Richmond


Muhammad Ery Wijaya

Senior Analyst

Muhammad Zeki


Neha Sharma

Operations Manager

Paul Brest

Board of Directors

Paul Rosane

Junior Analyst

Priscilla Negreiros

Project Manager

Rachel Kyte

Board of Directors

Rajashree Padmanabhi


Rob Kahn

Communications Manager

Rob Macquarie


Rosaly Byrd

Program Coordinator

Saeful Muluk


Sagar Srijan Joshi

Senior Analyst

Shabdita Bajpai

Finance Associate

Shreyans Jain


Stewart J. Paperin

Board of Directors

Tatiana Alves

Senior Analyst

Thomas C. Heller

Chairman of the Board and Senior Strategic Advisor

Tiza Mafira

Associate Director

Valérie Furio


Valerio Micale


Vijay Nirmal Gavarraju

Project Manager, US-India Clean Energy Finance

Vikram Widge

Senior Advisor

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